Red Bunnylopes

Done with red uniball pen by Marta Tesoro aka Rabbit Town Art

March is here!  Oh my goodness.  It's insane how fast 2017 is passing by.  It's already the third month of the year.  I guess it's a good thing cos it shows that a lot has been happening.

I am not posting up my images in order.  All roughly around the same time but it is slightly mixed up on my blog depending on who I scanned first and what I fixed in Adobe Photoshop etc. I started and finished this piece up yesterday and it's already on my Redbubble site!

Mmm...not much else to report.  Going to be drawing some robots this month so I can participate on March of Robots.  Let's see if I make 31 Robot themed pieces by the end of the month!


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