Bunnylope 001

Bunnylope series by Marta Tesoro aka Rabbit Town Art.  Done with faber castell indian ink and uniball red ink.
Hi!  One of the bunnylopes in my series! Series that am working on anyway.  I think I will be combining all of these bunnylopes in one picture for my shop.  I've been enjoying this series a lot...however I've started another series on top of this.  I really don't help myself when it comes to work.  I am currently juggling two jobs.  Trying to end both cos I will be starting elsewhere very, very soon.

How is everyone anyway?  My life is all about Rob, work and cat.  Though a lot of my days is definitely all about cat and work.  Possibly even in that order.  Now...I wonder if I can bring Hanzo, not Dorian since Rob decided to change his name, to work....


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