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Hi All!

Long time no post. I managed to get a bit of freelance work here and there, illustrating stuff and tying up loose ends with older jobs since I last wrote.

I'm currently trying to build up a new illustration portfolio so I can also market myself as an illustrator. I already get hired to do illustration work. I mean, I am an animator who draws up characters, props and bgs (short for backgrounds) so one still piece isn't difficult. However, a new illustration folio is needed. Am a little tired showing work I did 5-7 years ago and I am so much better now.

I'm nearing the end of one illustration job and I got hired to do a very quick animation for a game called Banana Land. Will put the link up when the whole thing is finished and viewable. Money for rent and living expenses! Yay! Funds to support me while I do my own stuff!

Working on my own stuff tomorrow! Can't wait!


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