Working on Renmotion and other stuff

Hello Hello!

Well I've just finished at Ettamogah just last Thursday. It's been great fun and it would be awesome to work with them again.

I'm currently working on my last animation for Renmotion, to be finished by Feb 15. Hoping to work on my own stuff and find freelance work to do along the way. I've also done a few more Oil designs which I am eager to animate.

Thomas and I are thinking of participating in the 15/15 festival this year and Bigkidz wants to see if we can win again this year at Animadness. Bigkidz team (JC, Kelly, Anne-Marie, David, Michael and myself) did a 1 minute animation last year where we won several awards. Thomas directed our last short film entry to the 15/15 festival and we won Best Experimental and Best Editing for it.

Not much else is going on. Decided to rest a bit for a few days before going all out for Renmotion work and visiting studios which I've either worked with or am affiliated with. I really enjoyed visiting Bigkidz yesterday. It's good to know what everyone is doing and how they're going. Hoping to visit Suren at Renmotion as soon as I get one of the animations done for him.

Chilling out a bit today then going all out for Renmotion work tomorrow!

Hope everyone is well!


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