And so it begins

Hi Everyone!

Almost a month again since I last wrote...whoopsie. Well, The beginning of the year was really me cleaning my house, rearranging things and doing my own works for a change which was really nice. But that has passed and since last week I've started doing some freelance work for Wizzmedia and I now also need to start and finish an animating logo and a website game called Bananaland. Things have started to heat up again :) Am pretty happy about that.

The above picture is an illustration I did for Unit-16 Arthropod activity :)

The year has started out with lots of changes happening. Some I am pleased about and others not so. In my personal life am not too sure I like what is happening. Actually am really not and I could only hope that that things will get better from where I am currently. The last 2 weeks have been very hectic and full of emotional fluctuations. Bah!

In other news I now have a new and snazzy show reel! CLICK to have a look!

Still attempting to draw up Lookout 11 for Red Bubble that myself and Astri are doing and working on personal projects with Thomas.

I've also been going indoor rock climbing and bouldering which has been a lot of fun and hard work admittedly! My hands are getting a little injured though and that can't be helped. It's a nice past time away from the computer along with gym which I still do. Incidentally am also thinking of going Urban Salsa dancing which should be enjoyable.

Anyway, back to work! Lots to do and having fun while doing it!


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