Monkey Suit


This is my entry to Unit-16 Character Turbo!  Basically the aim is to interpret someone else's drawing and then post one of your own for someone else to interpret.  Hand drawn and inked then brought into Photoshop.  I have been having a lot of fun playing and testing out textures and layer options in Photoshop lately.

The sketch above is the original concept which I interpreted.  It was great to do.  I wouldn't normally think of drawing a monkey.....

For other news, I spent this week animating some flash game elements and doing some freelance illustration.  Next week I start work at another studio where I will be making pre-production elements like assets and backgrounds.  I rarely do that sort of thing professionally so it's going to be a learning experience which I am looking forward to.  I am very fortunate to have gotten gigs so quickly after my last contract finished.  See how I go next week!


  1. that's a swanton drawing! I'm sure of it. Your picture is really funny Marta, I'm sure if I went crazy that monkey in a suit would be the first thing I saw

  2. Hehehehehe, yup, I left the name out on purpose. It's definitely Swanton!

  3. upper crust... must be a pommy? :O lol

  4. A monkey in a suit... I think everyone is something like that, sometimes :)


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