Kookyrabbit Game 50 Round 02: The Adventure Begins

Hi!  How goes it?  This is a traditionally inked drawing that I colored up in Photoshop for kookyrabbit I feel like I dropped the ball a bit for the games since I have a lot of work posted up that I don't particularly like or aren't good enough, in my opinion or are unfinished/rough.  I might need to do personal project where I just re-do illustrations I've done and show something that am actually proud of.

I do like the illustration above though.  It was quick but fun and I like the result.

What's been happening....caught up with some animation folks on Friday, did some shopping for the house and for succulents and work.  It may be a weekend but there is always work that needs doing.

I am thinking that I would like to do my own thing for a month or so.  Still thinking about the timing of stuff of course but the urge to just create my own stuff (and take my time doing so) and practice and read and do tutorials and become a better artist overall is what I really want to do in-between fun projects.  Will see how it goes. 

Now...off to draw in front of the TV watching My Kitchen Rules!


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