Kookyrabbit Game 50 Round 08: Expectantly Waiting

Another piece for Kookyrabbit!  I wish I had the time to really finesse these pieces but too much other stuff I need to do.  This one was all done digitally.

What to report...not much.  I worked all day on my animation gig.  I did a new drawing for Kookyrabbit and washed the dishes.  It is disgustingly hot but luckily I have a an AC in my study.  Mmmm...not much else to say really.  Going to take a break and watch My Kitchen Rules!  I am a bit of a sucker for reality cooking shows.  I find it relaxing.

Mmm...not much else to say...just sucking it up with some things and hoping it will all be over soon...like the heat.  I hate the heat.


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