Australian King Parrots

Hi!  This was my last complete drawing for 2019, the Australian King Parrots!  I did it for a copic challenge for December. King Parrots are beautiful.

Things have been good!  I've been painting wooden pins for a possible side business than am doing with some friends though,working with other people is a bit of a challenge, cos not everyone works at the same pace. I'm starting to get frustrated with the slowness.

I just finished a freelance gig and my clients were pretty happy, so I may be getting more work.  Yay!  Got to keep working to save for a big break at the end of the year!


  1. I remember I had a similar experience, so I know your mood well, good luck,By the way,I like custom made blankets

    1. Hi! I just saw this comment, I am so sorry for the late reply. It is tough isn't it, some times? Thank you for passing by!


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