Fuzzy Pudgies: Chinese New Year 2021 and Valentines Day 2021collection and life update


Marta Tesoro

Hallo! Happy Valentines Day for today for all of you who celebrate it!  Hope it was good.  Unfortunately in Victoria, Australia, we are currently in lockdown.  It was a snap decision on Friday, only 7 hours notice, so a lot of plans have most certainly been disrupted.  Speaking of last Friday, it was the Lunar New Year on Feb 12 so Happy Chinese New Year to all those that celebrate that as well!  Hopefully, if you're in Victoria, you were able to celebrate before the lockdown started.

I spent this week painting for Fuzzy Pudgies, the CNY and Valentine themed one as well as delivering 2 commissioned jobs and finishing off all current commissions.  This week, am concentrating on my own projects, if nothing comes up.  I am hoping to create another pattern for Rabbit Town (just finished one today and is now on my Redbubble shop) .  I also started a new pattern that has butterflies.  I also need to get onto some bird drawings soon!  I have a lot of plans, let's see if it gets disrupted this week.

Anyway, here are some of the magnets or pins (?) I did for Chinese New Year.  Took me long enough to draw up lucky cats.  I will be doing more.  Year of the Ox this year!

Marta Tesoro

I also couldn't help but put one next to my dinner on Friday.

Marta Tesoro

Here are the sketches and rejected designs for some of them.

I am starting to wonder if I need a separate blog for Fuzzy Pudgies but it will probably be too much for me to keep up.  Going to need a separate website for it though, I suspect!

Hope you all have a great week!  And if you're in Victoria, fingers crossed that lockdown ends on Midnight Wednesday.


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