Fuzzy Pudgies Commission: Myra and life stuff.


Hallo, hallo!  I am a little late with writing.  I was hoping to post up once a week but it looks like am going to have to post twice this week, if not more.  Things, have always, gotten quite busy.

This is Myra, she's a commissioned piece and actually started the ball rolling in painting more realistic cat brooches/magnets.  She's the first and I painted her last month and she's now with her fur parent.  It was good fun, matching colours to cat fur and trying to figure out which bits to detail and which ones to simplify got a bit tricky but all in all, I like how it turned out ( and so did the client, luckily).  It's still pretty cartoony but with realistic elements now.  I love big eyes on animals, what can I say?

Here is a photo of the gorgeous girl that the painting was based on.  I prefer to reference more than one photo but this was all the client had.

The sketch with the finished glossed pin:

And some videos!

For other stuff, things have been good.  I picked up some freelance work so I was working on kitty commissions with a brief animation job and 2 weeks worth of illustration work and I went into another studio for a day to do another job.  It's been fun hopping around.  Not particularly stable but my goal this year is to actually focus more on my own projects, get through those courses I bought over the years (I have yet to go through a single class cos I've been busy with work and commissions) and launch a webstore for Fuzzy Pudgies and upload stuff for Rabbit Town Art too.  There's a lot to do.  I have no idea how much I'll be able to achieve since they all involve a lot of work and time and I do take on freelance work as they appear so my schedule is erratic at best.  I make plans of what I want to do in a week but that can easily go out the window.

Oh and I also made this video of how to wear a brooch magnet.  People don't seem that keen on them but I think it's pretty handy for wearing with leather and more delicate outfits.

All right, I have Chinese New Year cats to finish today, as well as Valentine ones!  Have a great day and I will post again sooon!  Most likely for Chinese New Year and Valentines.


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