Some roughs for a current job and update


Aaaaaah!  Thank goodness we've been set free in Regional Victoria.  More or less.  There are some advantages moving to the country.  Metro Melbourne is still unfortunately in lockdown which is a major shame, I can't see my family or my friends.  Hopefully I can see them in a few weeks.  If it wasn't for Rob and Hanzo, the country and working from home would be very lonely.

This week has been busy working on a new commercial, the illustrations for work above and another book illustration job over the last few days and today.  Gosh, so dull.  I work, I train with Justin and do some house chores and hang out with my boys pretty much on a daily basis.  I draw both for fun and for work.  Even now am thinking of colouring in one of my old pieces after a day of animating and illustrating.  I feel like I should do something about that.  Anyway, am going to relax now, have some dinner and do the dishes!  Maybe read some comics to relax tonight too.


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