Wonderful Wings: Galahs and daily diary


Hallo, hallo!  Another busy day.  The image above was one of my designs for Wonderful Wings . This is part of the image before I turned it into a pattern.   I do love Australian birds.  I do love all birds actually.  Anyway this was hand drawn, scanned into Adobe Photoshop and coloured and edited in there.  Buying this on a dress, shirt and other products can be bought on my Redbubble Shop.

I am thinking of making more bird patterns once I get a chance!  I've been really busy.

Today, I trained in the morning, then was working on a book job and at lunch time I was in a zoom meeting for another commercial job, which worked on till I got a rough done, then I finished off the book job I was working on, afterwards it was cooking dinner and then spending the rest of the night playing movies in the background while working on another illustration job.  It was a busy day and tomorrow will be another busy day.  Most likely working on the new commercial job I got today and the current illustration job at night.  I enjoy the work, I really do but it does seem that all i have time to do at the moment is work.

For other news, currently I've been bouncing back between frustration and anger with the current lockdown which was suppose to end in 7 days (Thursday at midnight) but probably won't now.  I hate being trapped.  Again, I know there are a lot of people who have it much harder than me, but you can't help but feel super annoyed at the whole situation.  Anyway, just trying to take it day by day.


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