More work illustrations and it's November. Where did the time go?

 Hallo, hallo!  Where did the time go?  Seriously, we're in November now.  It's been a real busy few months.  Above are illustrations I did for a job earlier this year.  I really should make a separate folio for children's book stuff since I can do it but my folio in general is pretty erratic.  I love drawing nature and skulls best but you don't get a lot of jobs with those.  I need to draw more humans in my folio and definitely ones with full backgrounds.  It's just finding the time and motivation to draw those I guess.  Right now, am more interested in creating patterns and am hoping to expand my folio there as well.

Currently I have an Assistant Animation Director role on the current TV series I am working on. Should appear on the Disney channel some time next year. That has been keeping me busy.  Lockdown has finally ended (again) in Victoria, so I am enjoying that right now.  Seeing friends, training with Justin and just recently Rob and I went to the museum for an exhibition and ate a ton of nigiri at our favourite Sushi Train.  It was a good day.  This weekend, I'm actually going to see my family, cannot wait.  

Anyhoo, back to work!


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