Happy 2022! Back to work.


Hi! Hi!  How have things been?  Well, I started back at work yesterday and I have to say, it feels like I haven't left work at all.  Vacation, what vacation?  Considering I spent most of my break trying to clean my work space, gardening and going back to working on Fuzzy Pudgies, it feels like I haven't had much of a break at all.  Does anyone  else feel that?

I actually haven't sorted out all of my yearly goals yet.  I always bite off more than I can chew and then I feel like a failure when I don't accomplish everything.  This time around, am trying to take it week by week and see how much I can get done during that week.

Right now, am back to freelancing and working on a commercial right now and doing patterns and Fuzzy Pudgies after hours,


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