Happy New Year 2022

Marta Tesoro Cat Hanzo

Happy New Year everyone!!!!  Hope you all had a good and safe one.  

It's been sooooo hot these last few days so Rob and I just stayed home and away from the sun the last 3 days.  I also spent those days stripping down my study to organize it.  New Year, new set up, right?  I was hoping to be completely done by New Year's Eve but it didn't work out that way.  

I took out all the books from the shelves to order them by genre/subject and or size.  I also culled my Fiction books and just kept my favourites. What's a New Year without a bit of a cull?  A fresh start to 2022, cutting out the fat, so to speak.  Hanzo spent his time helping me catalogue the books and check if the book shelf has maintained it's structural integrity.

Marta Tesoro Cat

And hey, cos I started with the books, I thought it would be a good idea to organize my art supplies.  I have a lot of supplies. Hanzo felt a bit daunted by it all.  I could probably open up my own art store or do art classes at my place.  Though, I doubt am the only artist that likes to hoard supplies.  Especially the good stuff, I feel like expensive paper and paints deserve to be used to create a piece worthy of Caravaggio instead of practice.  On the other hand...maybe if I wasn't so stingy using the good stuff my work would be better?  Well, something to find out this year as I intend to actually use my art materials, specifically, water colours!
Marta Tesoro Cat Happy New Year

Well, since I've sorted out my art supplies, I thought it would be a shame not to cull and organize my documents I have as well.   A good thing I did, I had animation contracts and character sheets from 2005!  I was definitely due for a cull.  I feel like I kept a lot of paper work for sentimental value but the reality is, is that I would never look or use it until the next cull or if we move.

I finally managed to finish cleanimg up my studio just a few hours ago!  Hurrah!  However instead of showing you all the finished studio (saving that for a later post) here is a picture of my trusty assistant instead.  he's exhausted from all that work.  Poor baby!

Happy New Year 2022


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