A Wild and Colourful Christmas at Kennard & Kennard


Hi!  So things have been pretty busy.  I spent most of February working on Christmas patterns this year for Kennard & Kennard.  You have to get the Christmas designs done really early in the year.  I actually thought I could take my time at first, but alas!   I've been doing fabric collections for Kennard and Kennard for a couple of years now, though I think I'm going to aim to do more than one collection per year this time around.  Anyway, the patterns above were all hand drawn and then coloured and edited in Photoshop.  Got to say, I've really been enjoying working on patterns this year.  The way I do it is time consuming since I haven't done any "tossed" patterns, which would be a lot faster to do.  Instead, I like the elements of my patterns to intertwine and flow into each other. I'm now working on my next collection which involves fish!  One of my favourite animals to draw. 

I also started another animation contract 2 weeks ago, which really ramped up the busy.  It's taken a while to get back into a routine that included going into work in-house and the gym.  I've been enjoying socializing and seeing people again and I like that there are a couple of days I can work from home in my pyjamas!

Are there any plants or animals you would like to see done as a pattern?


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