Fuzzy Pudgies at G'day Kitty


Hi! Hi!  So last month I did some pet portraits for the owner of G'day kitty  The owner had a pair of lovely cats that reside in his shop. Their names are Bin Cat (tabby) and Slim (black cat). They are gorgeous and it's one of the few times were I was requested to pain in 3 quarter view instead of front on.

Anyhoo, the owner have been chatting on and off for a few months and I asked him if he was cool to sell Fuzzy Pudgies at his store and he said yes!  He sent me photos of the display and it is looking awesome!

I do hope it does well at G'day Kitty.  I really can't get any momentum on Fuzzy Pudgies.  I still haven't managed to make an online shop, my painting of new brooches is really inconsistent right now, especially since starting full-time work at a studio.  I can't work on it after hours since I have patterns and another freelance job to do, so unfortunately this has to take a backseat.  I love working on Fuzzy Pudgies when I have the time though, just can't get that balance right now.

I suppose I could manage if I wasn't also freelancing after hours but it's hard to turn down monetary opportunities!   I wish  I had the guts to turn down full-time work to pursue this venture but it is too risky for my liking and ultimately, I do like having consistent cash flow.

Who else is on the same boat?


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