Fuzzy Pudgies: pet portraits 2021-early 2022

I really enjoy painting pet portraits but alas, I can't get any momentum on Fuzzy Pudgies since I get really busy with animation/illustration work.  I really wanted to open up commissions during my vacation but needing to rest the wrist puts a damper on that.

These are some of the portraits I finished up last year and early this year that I didn't post on my blog. 

A friend of mine Demi,  commissioned me to paint up her friend's pets last year.  A lovely pet family. We have BMO (the fox terrier, Hades (sheep dog) and Rue (the cat). The brooches were gifted to their human mother on her Hens Night.

I met some real awesome people online via my instagram on fuzzypudgies and I met Emma from indoorcat.studio's and I wanted to do an art trade with her, so I drew her babies Prince (grey cat) and Shante (below) and made magnets out of them.

screenshot from @indoorcat.studio instagram

downloaded from @indoorcat.studio stories

This is what I ended up receiving from her: my Hanzo embroidered on a tote bag and on a ring.  Hanzo is even doing a lucky cat pose on the tote bag.

 Another friend of mine, Ashleigh,  also commissioned to make a pet portrait brooch of her lovely little guy, Whippet.  Check his insta out at whipbicpics .

Being able to paint someone's fur baby is a really enjoyable job.  I use acrylic paint to work on mine.  To see painting time lapses, please check out the Fuzzy Pudgies  instagram and facebook page.


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