Revising old work on Redbubble: Kitty Madness

Since getting injured, I've been revising my old work and adjusting the designs to fit on more products on Redbubble.  It means not drawing things from scratch and improving on a base that already exists.  Kitty Madness, illustration below is one of my more popular designs and I drew it around 2016, just for fun. 

Original illustration

Since getting into pattern designs, I've been going back on a lot of my best sellers on my Redbubble shop to turn them into patterns so that I could make the design available on all the products. 

The first thing I do is offset the design in Photoshop and view it on Pattern preview to do a sketch and fill in the gaps of the pattern.  Then I do a clean line work, put in the details and colour.

4 step panel work in progress to create the pattern

The result was the pattern below.  I am pretty pleased with that.  It has been a fun challenge editing the designs to work as a pattern.

Finished pattern

It ended up looking great on the latest Redbubble products and I can't wait to buy a pair of tights for myself.

Kitty Madness products available

I think it's important to go back through old work and adjust to keep it relevant and available on as many offerings as possible.  I've been adjust a lot of my older works during my break. It is a challenge to create pattern designs on illustrations that did not have that intent in the first place.  I don't think it will work for every illustration but am giving it a crack, nonetheless!

Anyway, don't be afraid to adjust old pieces.  It's a fun learning process and you might just pick up new ideas on how to do things along the way.


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