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Hi! Wow, did January just fly by or what?  I was doing so much before I left for the Philippines and have had to hit the ground running as soon as I got back.  That's the tricky thing about juggling both a full-time contract and my own projects and I definitely have more than one project outside of work.  I mentioned on a previous blog post that Fuzzy Pudgies was in a pop up shop.  I managed to get my first shirt design for Fuzzy Pudgies too.  Really pleased with how it turned out.  I actually painted the brooch for this as well but it's a pretty complicated design so it'll be a very limited edition.

I do love my Melty Kitty shirt.  I put 9 in the shop.  3 smalls, 3 mediums and 3 large sizes.  Apparently I only have 1 large shirt left by the time the pop up shop shut.

Below are the last batch of brooches I managed to stock before going on vacation.  A good chunk sold which I am very happy about.  I am always surprised on what sells and what doesn't.  There were a few I thought that would sell for sure but didn't and some where I wasn't 100% that people would like it and it walked off the shelf.  You just never know I guess.


I painted a whole lot of pet portraits as well for Christmas presents in the last few months of last year but I'll chat about that in another post. I haven't painted any new cats for this year yet but I have plans to release more than just one of brooches for Fuzzy Pudgies.  More shirts since I thought they were so cute and maybe a few other things.  Make sure to watch this space!


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