Happy 2023! Philippines Trip

 Hi!  Happy 2023 everyone!  I hope you all had a good break and New Years. Though I imagine that most people would have gone back to work by now.

Christmas Fireworks 

This Christmas, Rob and I went with my immediate family to the Philippines for two and a half weeks  We had a great time!  The Philippines has improved so much since we were last there and I enjoyed my stay a lot more this time around. 

First Arrived. My Maneki Neko top from my Redbubble Store.

Now traditional, delicious Filipino BBQ was something I sorely missed here in Australia.  Like an Aussie BBQ is fine but it's got nothing on the smoky goodness that the Philippine BBQ has.

Had this twice in 1 week.

We went to places I have never visited before like the Pinto Art Gallery which was one of my favourite destinations on this trip.  I loved it.  So big, so much art and weirdness that I love.  It was definitely an inspiring place to visit.  You could spend the whole day here and we pretty much did.  Would love to explore more of Antipolo though.

Pinto Art Gallery, have to come back here

 Pinot Art Gallery so much cool and weird stuff

We went to a lot of good restaurants while we were in the Philippines.  The most fancy was the Spiral Buffet at the Sofitel hotel.  This was an all you can eat buffet that is one of the best in Asia.  Rob's main thing to go to this time around. 

We also spent Christmas Eve with my extended family, the Tesoro side, which was nice.  I haven't seen many of them in years and it was nice to reconnect with some of them.  We also managed to see a Light Show at Makati Square.  It was a very good night.


The Tesoro's

We spent Christmas Day with my Mom's sisters.  Was so nice seeing them and having Christmas Chicken and pie back at the parents place.  Hope anyone that's reading this also had a lovely Christmas.

After Christmas, we travelled to Bohol, one of the island's in the Philippines.  We were there for almost a week and we enjoyed the beach, the resort and tried a few things like riding ATVs to see the Chocolate Hills, saw Tarsiers , fireflies, snorkelling and had some downtime. 

Mist Restaurant.  Check out these cocktails!

Got so muddy riding ATVs

Chocolate Hills are a must see

Butterfly sanctuary with minimal butterflies

First time holding a snake

Tarsiers that apparently commit suicide when disturbed

I came out of this trip feeling inspired and somewhat refreshed.  I have a lot of drawing ideas and not enough time in the day to do them all. I am also looking forward to travelling to other islands in the Philippines with the family in the future.


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