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Drawing Request 03: Wooly mammoth paratroopers REVISED!

Hi there!

Soooooo....there where comments on the previous drawing that I didn't fulfill the brief because they didn't look like paratroopers because of the lack of parachutes.  So here is another version, with parachutes this time.  All done in Flash and I started work on this with 3 glasses of red wine in my system at 9:00 pm and didnt finish till 4 AM.

So I now have 7 requests left to go!  Yay....oh god.... for those that dont know what's happening or what these requests are, please have a read on this previous  post.

I am currently animating for a game and working on creating illustrations for online exams for a University.  I am also waiting for work to start and looking for other gigs in the meantime. 

Whatever spare time I have left between drawing and work is dedicated to going to the gym.  Every part of my body hurts currently, with the exception of my face.

Was wondering if I could enter this for Illustration Friday's safari.....though I suspect that it might be a bit of a stretch....but what they hey!


  1. sure this could be safari.... Your a champion to do this in 7 hours with wine in your system, I would fall asleep. Great Work, Love the colours and the grass is amazing.

  2. Well, we can pretend these are elephants coming for revenge on the safari hunter! So, why not?! I like it very much and have to say that there is lots of great detailing for someone with cups of wine in their system : )

  3. wow, there is a mammoth war going on!

  4. How freakin' AWESOME!!! This is wonderful. Thanks so much for your kind words and support. I really appreciate you stopping by.

  5. HA! Can't believe you redid this. I must admit, though, seeing mammoths floating down on a breeze is mind bogglingly cool! And you did this while running on alcohol fumes? You wow me!

    I think this would be a fantastic addition to the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland, don't you???


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