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Goodbye 2012, thank you!

Hello, hello!  Well, this is the last post for 2012 and this year has been phenomenal and I am very thankful for a great many things.   A few things that I achieved over the year:  I studied Maya at school and scored top marks which was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I also made quite a few friends, which is pretty fantastic.  I am also proud that I managed to support myself through school and excel in freelancing, exhibitions and learning a new program.  I did it without any monetary support from anyone too. Participated in quite a few exhibitions this year and have started selling illustrations I do for fun.  I did a whole lot of exhibiting at Squishface and joining the comic studio has been great!  I started selling my prints at the Sketch and Tulip too and have made many new friends in the process.  I also finished my first zine. I trained every week when I was physically capable.  To be honest, the only time I didn't train was when I got sick.  I am also fitte

Lucky Cat with Bunny

Howdy, howdy!  Here is a lucky cat drawing.  I like Lucky Cats, I like what they symbolize and I have quite a few at home.   This is a quick drawing on my sketchbook.  New Year is coming and I would like to wish you all an amazing and fortuitous New Years!!!!  Here's to 2013!!!  This is the time to reflect and be thankful for all the blessings in 2012 as well as to learning from the mistakes and the not so pleasant situations that may have occurred during the year.  2012 has been a great year for me and am hoping for better and brighter things for 2013.

Brain Fish

Hello, hello!  This is actually an old piece.  Didn't get the chance to finish my drawing today.  What do you guys think of it?  This was a theme of fish bone series I started but abandoned some time ago.  Lost my mojo for it I would say.  Planning to make some new fish bone pieces for sale and exhibition shortly.  Should be good fun.  I haven't drawn a proper fish bone piece in months!

Babushka Bunnies

I really like Babushka dolls.  I guess the fact that it can contain other Babushka dolls or other stuff intrigues me.  I decided to fill my one with bunnies.  What a surprise, right?  New Year is coming soon!  Hope it is safe and enjoyable and that 2013 rocks for you!

Blue Smoker

Hello, hello!  Just got back from watching "The Hobbit" and it is freaking cool!  Very close and loyal to the book, which I like and I found it thoroughly enjoyable.  I have read the book before though and I already can't wait for the third me, if Peter Jackson followed the last few chapters of the book, the third movie should be spectacular....or am going to be one very disappointed Rabbit.

Overindulged Holiday Bunny

Hello all!  Hope your Christmas was awesome!  I may have overindulged in the last few days...alcohol, ice cream, chocolates, french toast, eggnog, chocolate cake,  roast dinners, fried food,  pringles...just to name a few of the foods I don't eat as much anymore.  My trainer said to watch what I eat when the holidays (?).  Hard not to go overboard during the holidays.  Am back to a tough regime when the New Year starts! I had a great time over the last few days though!  My sister saw me working on my laptop on Christmas day (yes, I am a workaholic by nature) so she put on the Black Butler anime on to distract me and I ended up watching the entire season of 24 episodes in one sitting.  Terrible but also utterly relaxing....if I wasn't so frustrated by the fact that the anime was nowhere near the quality of the manga (manga is pure awesome whereas anime was rubbish).  I do need to get some work done over the holidays unfortunately as some of the

Daruma Doll

shot of my work space at the studio.  Used Mepxy and Copic pens for this pice on Hemp Paper Mobile phone cam shot of Daruma In the Squishface Studio Window Merry Christmas everyone!!!  Hope you are all having an awesome time!!! This is a drawing of a Daruma Doll I did a few days ago at the studio.  A Daruma doll is from Japan and the gist is that if you have a wish, you paint one eye of the Daruma doll and when your wish comes true you, you get to paint the other eye. If your wish never comes true...your Daruma doll essentially stays half blind.  I have a Daruma doll at home as well and I made a wish and painted one eye years ago.  My wish has yet to come true though.  Hopefully it will in 2013! Heh, New Years is on it's way...though tomorrow is Boxing Day and that means shopping and watching the Hobbit!!!

Ice Cream

There is always something so nice about eating tubs of ice cream and chilling on the couch watching movies.  I don't really eat a whole lot of junk anymore because of my fitness regime but it is nice to enjoy every once in a while and especially with good company. Back to training and having a healthier diet with less take-away next year!  I have definitely eaten out way too much this year so am planning to cook more and properly this time.  Less burning.  Definitely less burning.

Face 02 ( no pencils )

A shot at the studio Levels played with in Photoshop Hi there!  I did this without any pencils which was rather cool!  Would like to practice a bit more on it all though!!  Drawn on hemp paper using copics and Mepxy pens. Met my partners extended family yesterday and it was a lot of fun!  Everyone was really friendly and nice.  I've been having too much junk food though...tsk tsk.  The cake at the party was awesome.

Pop Art girl

Working at the Studio, used copics and Mepxy pens Original with a bit of tweaking with the levels in Photoshop Final Image Howdy!  I don't normally show my progress but I had some pretty nice shots.  This was something I drew in the studio a few days ago.  It was fun just to sit down and doodle...I don't get a lot of chances like that though I am making the effort to draw more nowadays, even if they are just quick sketches. Mmm....I haven't had confirmations/contracts of certain jobs go through yet so I am a little worried...that said, I have been hankering for some time to do my own drawings, comics and projects so perhaps I should stop worrying?  Who knows.  It may just be that I spent a lot over the Christmas season.....but hey, Christmas comes once a year right and it is for enjoying!

Raspberry Fish: SOLD

Howdy!  The original watercolour piece sold at the " Love for Art Exhibition " I was in.  The exhibition ended yesterday and this sold yesterday too.  Hurray!  A very busy few days ahead with parties and Christmas.  Going to be good and I can't to eat my mum's cooking!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Well Christmas is approaching and here is my season's greetings to you all!  Regardless of whether or not you celebrate Christmas, I know you all enjoy the holidays that come with it!  So have fun with whatever you are doing but be safe! 

Face 01

Howdy!  I bought a face book by Glenn Barr the other day and it inspired me to draw more faces!   I would love to draw up a face everyday next cool would that be?  Though, I have a bazillion and one ideas and goals for next year we'll see.  I can't do everything, as much as I would like to! Anyhoo, hand drew and inked this on hemp paper and coloured in Photoshop!

Christmas Pinup

Christmas pinup!  Felt like drawing this sort of thing a few days ago.  I doodled it with my guy on the weekend in a cafe before heading off for a nice German dinner.  So need to work on my hands and feeet.  Next year!  Next year that is the goal...amongst a few other goals.  I know it's not Christmas yet but I've already started sorting out a few goals for 2013.  I did really well with achieving things I set out to do this year and I am hoping to have that same driving force for next year!

Chooky Bunny

I got called a Chooky Bunny the other day so I thought I'd draw it up!   Christmas is upon us!  A lot of Christmas shopping to be done that's for sure....and I need to get it all done by this Friday!  EEP!  I wont have any time after that....oh dear... Thinking of doing an actual website to archive all my best illustrations.  Need to sort through my works soon....

Satisfied Cat

Howdy! So I went to Hofbrauhaus with my guy last night and we ordered the meat platter for two and we got so stuffed!  As it is, he's still asleep with a full stomach as I write this.  Pretty funny!  Was an awesome night last night though and it's always a delightful treat to throw caution into the wind and just enjoy.

Unfortunate Santa

Saw a rather unfortunate looking Santa in drag yesterday near the studio.  Wasn't pretty, had to draw this by memory though and I don't think I quite captured the essence...

Cardio Day

Today was cardio day at the gym and it was great but downright brutal.  Justin upped the ante in some of the exercises so am feeling it a bit.  There's an exercise called "suicide runs"  and from the name, you know it's not pleasant.  It involves running and running from point to point several times.  I'll need to do another illustration over the next few days to be able to explain it clearly.  Fitness levels are shooting through the roof's been awesome!

Tickle Fights

Well...with's more like a tickle massacre really since my guy isn't ticklish himself so it's a rather one sided fight.  Frankly, it probably should be deemed illegal as the disadvantage to the ticklish party is far too much. Been drawing a lot of Pink Bunny lately...just been feeling it I guess and will also start introducing more characters in it too.  This is my first design of a dog character.  Realized pretty quickly that I needed them to have noses unlike the cats and rabbit characters.  Couldn't tell it was canine otherwise. Still quite a bit to do but I think am managing my time fairly well.......or as well as I can possibly manage given the amount I take on.....

All about the shoulders

Howdy!  Training this morning today and it was all about the shoulders and arms.  Been doing a lot of circuit training in the gym with my personal trainer Justin lately.  It's tough, I won't lie about that and am sore all over but the results are pretty obvious:  Am more toned than I have ever been in my entire it's pretty darn cool.  Want to be fit, tough and to work for it!  Did a lot of freelance stuff afterwards too...hopefully I will be allowed to show it on my blog as I quite like what I did today.   Training again first thing tomorrow and lots of work to do (as always)..though I am looking forward to catching up with a friend tomorrow night!

Pink Boxing Bunny

Howdy!  Well, I had a boxing training session with Justin yesterday and it was awesome!  Need to get rid of a few habits that I got when I was doing kickboxing though.  Training has been pretty great and I like how my fitness levels have shot up and I do feel a whole lot more confident body-wise too.  Looking forward to another year of intense training next year too!  I haven't drawn the Pink Bunny in aaaaaages!  Looking forward to drawing everyday once again.  I have some new drawing goals in mind next year.  Let you know more closer to New Years!

Strath Creek Falls

Went to Strath Creek Falls last weekend.  I will be practicing creating landscapes next year (3D models and drawing) so gathering a lot of reference material when am out in the country.  It was so much fun and a great thing to do on such a hot day.  That said, it was difficult place to get to.  Every local we asked said that it was clearly marked and it was sooooooo not!  Looking forward to more adventures and travelling.

Backpack design for a job

Howdy!  Here is one of the object designs I did for a job a few months ago.  I think it's cute....I wouldn't mind a bag like this. Anyhoo, I spent all of last week not training at all because I was sick and I am back into it tomorrow.  I also have a ton of work to do and Christmas is fast approaching and I need to do shopping soon and need money for shopping as well.  Ah dear....see how that all pans out!  It's going to be a very busy next few weeks....

3D render of project

Not a lot of time to write, more tomorrow.

Friday Drinks

Howdy!  This is a quick sketch I did yesterday while waiting for a friend for a catch up.  We were planning to do a little project together and this drawing was inspired by that.  It won't be what I will use for later though.... Friday today!  Though much work still needs to get done.  Bleh!


Howdy!  Looks like I may be on a roll drawing up new illos again.  I have a ton of deadlines though so lets see how long this lasts....  beeing seeing ladies with legs that seem to go on forever so thought I'd draw one up just for kicks!

Bird Nest Hair

Howdy!  Check out what I drew for Squishface drawing night!  First actual illustration in a long while where I actually took some time to do it.  More to come....I hope.

Still sick.....

So am still a bit sick.  I've blown my nose so much that I don't have any skin left.  I'm also a little deaf in one ear.  Training has been cancelled for the whole week till I recover and I really have to take it easy the next few days.  I am feeling rather blue and hoping I don't run out of kleenex.  I want hugs but I don't want to give anyone this virus either. My parents came by today with some food though, so that has perked me up a little bit!  I like food.  Least am not sick and starving.  I spent most of yesterday just eating muesli and fruit and a some crackers.

Sick, sick,sick..... am sick.  The constant change of weather in Melbourne has caused a few problems for me, in a sense I am now blowing my nose like nothing and my head feels fuzzy and it's difficult to breathe.  Going to have to call it an early night tonight....

WIP screenshot 02: about boiling line animation

Hello, hello!  A work in progress shot of one of my current gigs which I can say absolutely nothing about for a good while.  I can mention though that it has a boiling line animations.  Which essentially means that I need to re-draw everything twice so that the lines wobble.'s easy but tedious and takes time.  Gah!  Imagine, every prop and asset needing to wobble 3 times and be re-coloured 3 times going to be here for a while.  This is one of those gigs where I design and animate everything myself. I am so hankering to draw my own stuff soon...

concept art for a current gig

Howdy....a real rough concept art for a gig am working on at the moment.  Can't say anything about it though!  More to tell later....

For the Love of Art works

Howdy!  Had a great time at Sketch and Tulip yesterday!  Here are the works I have on display!  I had a great time yesterday!  I had family and friends come in and people seemed to like the works and there was pizzas to be was pretty rad!