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Exhibitchin 02!

Detail of my piece "Cherry Juice"

My piece: Cherry Juice"

The crowd at Exhibitchin

My folks!

Crowd at Exhibitchin

My pieces on the wall

More wall pieces!

Rob and his piece: It slices, it dices

Crowd shot!

More pieces and Rob browsing

More pieces on the wall!

Rob and his piece: "Zombie Surprise"

My piece: "Pickling"

Detail of my piece "Pickling"
Me with my work
The man that organized it all!  Ive Sorocuk

Exhibitchin 02 opening night was awesome!  So much fun and I would like to thank all the friends and family that came!  Thanks a lot to Ive Sorocuk that organized the whole thing!

Rob and I were working on the pieces together at mine and pretty much finished our first two pieces on the same day and then we had a little more than a week to start our second pieces which funnily enough were better than the first two pieces we made.  I rushed my second one too and yet everyone seemed to like it better than the one I spent more time on.  "Cherry Juice" was my first finished piece and then "Pickling" was the one I had to rush.  Rob did Zombie Surprise first and Slice and Dice second.  All made with Mepxy and Copic markers.  I think it would be great to do a collaboration together. 

My work was really well-received and I got a lot of compliments by a lot of the art folks and it was really pleasing to get a great reaction from everyone!

I had a awesome, though stressful time making the pieces and I would like to do more machinery and nude ladies I think.  I have been meaning to enter some pieces to some pin-up sites.  This perhaps could be my own twist on the whole thing.  See how it goes.

So many things I want to do!  So many projects in mind!!!!

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