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Photo Reference practice 03 ( Iddy )

First victim of portraiture.  I really need to make smaller eyes and I am really rusty when it comes to drawing realistically.  The face needed to be longer and eyes smaller.  Ah well, that's the whole point of practicing, right?

 This is my friend Daniel Waghorn and we've been friends since 1999 when he did the musical score for a film project at Uni.  Since then, I've been going to him to put music to my animations and the occassional web design help.  His website is: Neon Twilight.

I remember when I used to draw faces all the time and I keep getting told to do my math or more "important" subjects at school.  It never really mattered if I got good grades at sport or wasn't a proper subject.  Now here I am...20 years later...still doing sport and art.  I only use basic maths and it hasn't hurt my budgeting skills or my ability to pay my bills or charge what am worth.  I wouldn't know where to use Calculus or Trigonometry and the lack of that knowledge has not hurt me at all.  I use a bit of basic science mostly for first aid, muscle recovery and I have always like biology.  I don't speak my native language nor care about the history of the country.  I  always did well at English at school.  So essentially, the things that I have always been passionate about are still the "subjects" I use in my day to day life.  I just no longer have people telling me that it's a waste of time and being free from that is absolutely awesome.

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Drawing Request 08: A rancid baby teething on the enterprise while a stray shrink ray lies on the porch of the redneck family.

Day 34 and I've finally done another one of the drawing requests.  Only 2 more to go! This one is for my friend Peter Douglas, he requested this on facebook a while back, his request: A rancid baby teething on the enterprise while a stray shrink ray lies on the porch of the redneck family.  This was done with fineliners and brought into photoshop.

I am worried about what's going to happen after the pilot gig.  It's been really slow this year and with financial crisis looming...who knows what's going to happen.  I've never done any other sort of work that wasn't creative...with the exception of that one summer job I had working at a chocolate factory and admittedly that was fun.  Oh the many chocolates...ending up in my pocket (it was all perfectly legal, they encouraged workers to eat chocolates thinking that will make us all sick of it....obviously they didn't know that I could live solely on chocolates).   Anyway, I can't complain, I&…

Space Chickens in Space Trailer

Hi, hi!  A trailer for the projects I've been working on all year at Studio Moshi, as an Animation Team Lead, has been released!  Here it is in all it's glory.  It's pretty fun and manic and colourful, with funny stories and appealing characters. All the good things that I enjoy when working on a project.

It's always interesting when working with people from different countries and time zones, getting assets and feedback but it works.

We have 4 months left on this project.  Where did the time go?  It feels like it just zipped by.  I am looking forward to a break.  I think...this time around I will focus on getting my website done and working out all my social media accounts and perhaps a few new pieces as well.

Been doing budgets too.  I think I may have been eating out way too much and shopping, but hey...can't take money with you when you die!  That said, I think I will endeavor to be a bit more frugal in the next production.

Bunnylope 003

Howdy!  It's been a while since i posted anything up on the blog.  My bad. I've been super busy with one job after another and I WAS doing a few drawing challenges too before I got overrun with work.

For news, I finished up with one of my animation jobs last Monday, started work at one of my regular studios on Thursday and we're working on a cartoon movie for DVD, did drawing and freelance illustration in between those days and caught up with a friend, somebody was being a jack ass on the tram and I let them know it.   Rob and I also watched Logan, a great movie and I would totally recommend it.

Today, I did a bit of work, received text from one of my employers about more work and we're about to enjoy the day in a country fair.  Well, if we make it in time.  I also cooked up pancakes this morning and it wasn't a disaster.

Our kitty Hanzo (changed from Dorian) is causing a lot of mischief and he likes to eat electric cables.  Guess we have to find something to stop…