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Design Job: Varangian Soldiers

Here's a job I did last year!  I got permission to use them on my blog now.  Soldier designs for a pilot.  It was a lot of fun to do.  I like taking on jobs where I get to illustrate charaters, objects and scenarios that I would just not think of doing in my own.

It is a beautiful day today so I think we're going to go out and enjoy the sunshine and away from the computer!

Illustration Job: Mock Crest

Hello, hello!  Here's a gig I did for a friend of mine.  There are a lot of inside jokes here which I won't really get into.  I really enjoyed doing this piece as it required me to draw things that am not really used to.  I am actually thinking of designing a few crests now...just for fun!

Design Job: Princess Lolita

Howdy!  Here is something I designed for animation.  There was a Lolita theme running through it.  Anyway, I had to put a shimmer animation after the design was approved which means drawing the design 3 times to make the lines loop.  Tedious but easy animation-wise....all the hard work went into the design really.  I enjoyed this project but who knows if it will ever show on TV but at least I can show off the designs!

I got my allocation done for this episode...yay!  Next week is going to be hard though as re-takes for animation will be coming in.  Things will be rather hectic methinks....

Mouse Design

Hallo!  A mouse design I did that wasn't used.  I thought it was in this style that they wanted based on a previous job I've already done instead of another style which involved colour.  Still, I like this design and it was a lot of fun to do.

I have a really big shot tomorrow at work that I need to finish....hope it turns out well!

Illustration Job: Cyborg badge again for app

Howdy, here's something I designed for a Math App.  A bit of fun creating Cyborg badges.  Didn't get much time to draw today and not much new has been happening aside from the usual work, gym and chilling with friends, family and my partner.

Woman face sketchy sketch

Something I doodled at work today because am on target!  Wheeeee!  A bit of fun.  All Staedtler and ballpoint pen combo.  Shading with a ballpoint pen is a lot of fun as you get a subtler line. Am hoping to have time to doodle at work again tomorrow on my break.  We'll see....I have to go well over quota before I start chilling out at the studio and doodling.  Drawing relaxes me though when it's my own stuff.

Sleepy sleep time now.  An early start once again tomorrow....

Illustration Job: Half eaten steampunk cake for an app

Hello, hello!  Here's a half eaten piece of steampunk cake.  Just because I can!  Well, actually was for a job.

I bought new fish today!  Very happy and pleased.  The tank looks so alive!

Mechahat: Sphere

Howdy! Another sketched out piece.  To be honest, when I get a chance to draw my own stuff, I draw for hours straight.  All the recent mecha hat sketches this week were all done last Sunday when we had a drawing session at a friend's place.  Don't have a whole lot of time to draw this weekend as I have to freelance on my free time.  Ah well!

I managed to make up a lot of ground today with animation footage.  Hoping to just wipe everything out before Friday next week!

Mecha Duck Hat

Hello!  Another one of my Mechanical hat sketches inspired by Camilla d'Errico's work.  Am thinking of doing a series of it but not sure what as of yet.  I have so many personal projects in mind but without any time to do them since I do quite a bit of freelance on the side.

Hard shot got done today.  Thank goodness!  Hopefully the fix-ups/retakes wont be bad.  It was a difficult shot.  Anyhoo, got some easier footage to do tomorrow.  Very relieved as I need to catch up on footage! 

I've also started reading the Sandman comics written by Neil Gaiman.  It is very good and addictive.  Should have a read when any of you get the chance.

I am looking forward to an early night tonight after doing some chores.  So tired!  The days feel long and short simultaneously.  How is this possible?  I really don't know. Wondering if I can squeeze in any freelance tonight?  We shall see....

Workin' before 6:20 am

Hello, hello.  Thought I'd take a shot of me working at the cafe next to my gym.  This was me early in the morning, downing a coffee before my 7:15 am session.  I am pleased to say that I managed to get 2 out of 4 illustrations fully inked today.  That said...I have another batch to rough out and submit for approval over the next few days though.

I am currently working on a rather long and tough shot at work at the moment and it's taken a bit more than two days to do just because it's really massive.  So massive it started freezing up on me this afternoon.....about 7 times to be exact.  I got so frustrated that I decided to look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow morning because the last bit of animation is really very simple.  If only the darn file would stop chugging!  Anyway, I did manage to hide/turn off everything I am not animating tomorrow so hopefully the last section will go smoothly.  Here's hoping.

For other news: always be alert when crossing the road, even if…

Mecha hat: lightbulb

Howdy!  Here's one of my Mecha hat designs inspired by Camilla d'Errico "Helmet Girls".  I follow very similar themes, I love drawing stuff on women's head.  I don't know why.  I've done weird machinery, animals,'s a lot of fun.  Camilla's work just reminded me how much I loved to work on that theme.  I wouldn't mind making a more of these designs with perhaps a sea creature theme or my recurring theme: rabbits.  I do love my rabbits.  Should check out my workstation at work.  The rabbit paraphernalia has multiplied.  
So nice to put up drawings that I just did for fun.
Anyhoo, must get back to work!

Illustration Job: Surreal badge creature

Howdy!  Here's another surreal badge I designed.  I quite like the quirkiness and the colours of this one.  It was a lot of fun to do and I was just making it up and doodling on the spot.  The electrician was suppose to come today and he's still not here...pretty annoyed.

Had a good time yesterday chilling out at a friend's house with other friends and Rob and we were just drawing and watching movies.  It was a really nice day.  I need more of those I think.

Corporate Animation Job: tickbox test scene

Hello hello!  A corporate animation test scene I did ages ago,  it's on my corporate reel too.  A lot of fun to work on, a pity it wasn't used though.  It happens sometimes in animation land.

A productive morning today, managed to finish off all the illustrations I needed to submit tomorrow.  Hurrah!  I can relax a tiny bit but not much. 

Been eating Special K cornflakes (honey and oat flavour) out of a box to curb my snacking which happens a lot when am under the pump with work.  I like eating dry cereal.  Used to do it all the time with coco pops.  That doesn't make me weird, right?

Background Design: Dukes of Broxstonia Season 02 (Lukes rehearsal studio)

Howdy!  One of the designs I worked on for the Dukes of Broxstonia show, based on Suren Perera's style and using some of the assets he designed.  Was good fun and it's always good to draw in the style of someone else.  Certainly keep me on my toes and it shows some degree of versatility...I hope.

Not a whole lot of freelance done today.  Spent a lot of it sleeping, think I needed it.  Been going flat chat for a while now and there's no sign of things slowing down.  On one hand, that's great as it's good to be busy and I can pay for everything I need.  On the other hand, am constantly on the go, I don't really sleep much and I really want to sit down and draw my own stuff for a change....that exhibition or furthering my art stuff is not going to happen at this rate.  Ah well.  I can't achieve both simultaneously right now but am hoping to be able to accomplish everything later...

Illustration Job: Medieval badges

Hello!  More badge design work.  I think I put the black and white version of the top dragon some time last year.   Here it is in full colour along with my other design.  I was working on this while I was studying 3D last year.  Working and studying is a very tiring mix.  Rewarding, but very tiring.

Been a little slower working the last couple of days, really ramped it earlier in the week.  It will be nice to get a little breather this weekend before it all begins again!

Illustration Job: Farm App (dog design)

Hello!  Last of the farm animals and possibly one of the last few things I can show for the Farm app job.  The rest of the designs need to be under wraps now.  Still have a few more characters to go and am done.

Quite a bit of news for today.  I sold this piece at Sketch and Tulip!  You all should come by to check out the art and try out the food when you can!

Another thing is that I am getting closer to getting pistol squats (one legged squats)  which is great but my thighs are way sore.

Do click on the link to check out my performance. 
What else is new...hmmm....not much.  Planning to mostly chill out on the weekend which would be nice.  Maybe find more guppies.  I think there's a guppy shortage.  Been to the pet stores a couple of times now and I they don;t have any new guppies for me to adopt!  Sad bunny.

Concept Art: Christmas Wrapper

Hello, hello!  This was a Christmas wrapper concept art I sent to Smiggle a good few years ago now but it wasn't used.  Ah well, win some, lose some. I know I should have probably posted this closer to December, but ah well!

Had a really good week this week and looking forward to getting some freelance work done after concept work tomorrow.  Didn't have time tonight and yesterday so must keep up with that!

I feel like my creative brain is constantly shifting gears given the different types of briefs I get from different clients.  Right now I am shifting between farm vehicles, Egyptian Illustrations and most importantly my contracted animation job.  I am enjoying it though but I really should reduce my workload.  5 hours of sleep most nights cannot be healthy.

Red Lipstick

Lookie!  I had time to quickly sketch something up today while waiting for a friend.  Drew this at the cafe...I like drawing lady faces to relax.  Went out for some Korean food with some friends but it was too spicy for me to handle so I didn't eat much.

A good day today animation-wise but I had no time to work on freelance stuff.  Perhaps tomorrow!

The trusty light box

Hello, hello! Can't really show one of the gigs am working on right now till after next week.  Using my trusty light box that my parents gave me years ago to clean up a few drawings before compiling in Photoshop.  Some folks prefer to do all their clean up in Photoshop but time is of the essence at the moment for me and I know I can clean it up faster if I just re-traced the images.

Busy, busy, busy.  I really do need to slow down at some point but some projects are just too good to pass up!

Latest Aquascaping attempt

Well, I bought a skull a week ago from the aquarium store, same week that I had to return the loaches for being nasty fin nippers and intimidating the guppies, finding a dead guppy and currently trying to nurse the other guppies back to health or back to having decent tails again.  My blue one is especially shredded.  Anyhoo, I quite like the skull decor.  It's almost as big as my head.

The stuff am going to be working on from hereon for the next few weeks I wont be allowed to show at all.  I may have to try drawing during lunch times again if I can....

Illustration Job: another surreal badge

Howdy!  Here's another one of my surreal badge pieces.  I really quite like this one.

Anyhoo, finished submitting the last of my farm animals today which is great and am hoping it gets approved.  After that it's machinery but those one be going up on the blog though.  Client wanted those designs kept hidden.

A very laid back day today despite doing some work.  Actually slept in which was nice.  I have longer sleeping times about 3 times a week.  For the most part, I average about 5-6 hours of sleep a night.  I really should aim for 7 to prevent burning out but there really is far too much to do!

Illustration Job: Farm app (horse design)

My horse!  Whee!!!  I haven't drawn a horse for ages....certainly not a cartoonifed one.  This was a lot of fun to do and I think I may adjust some things like add eyebrows for the final design.  Anyway the client was happy with, so I am happy with it!

Finished all the major fix-ups due next week so am feeling a bit better and should be able to smash out footage next week which would be awesome.

Illustration Job: Farm App (rooster design)

Howdy, I drew a Rooster last night and here he is.  Out of juice for the night.  Been working pretty flat out this week and need a bit of rest before tomorrow.  Got a shot that I need to really get done at work and it may take a while.

Just a normal day at work

This is me at my work station at the studio.  Notice anything odd?  Anyhoo, things are rather flat out at the moment and the days feel like they're blurring into each other and the work has been non-stop...especially the last few days.  My batteries are starting to feel a bit flat.  The work is great though and everything am working on are actual projects that I enjoy. 

True, I don't have to freelance after work, I do have a contract after all.  However, I want to make sure to maintain a relationship with my previous clients and it's always good to form relationships with new clients as well while am not under any pressure to look for jobs.  It's a difficult balance to say the least.

Illustration Job: Farm app (cow design)

Hey, want to see an example of not submitting work when you're tired and to always check google when unsure of something.  Spot what's wrong with the cow in one of the images. I revised and re-sent to the client....

Uber busy day.  I do not understand the obsession with crowd scene when it comes to animation series.  I mean everything needs to be animated and it takes a really long time!

Illustration Job: another monster badge

Another one of my monster badge designs!  You guys might be able to tell that I did quite a few designs.  The job was a lot of fun and am hoping to do more again.

This week is going to be (and has already been) incredibly busy.  I am hoping it wont be so, sometime next week.

Illustration Job: Steampunk sandwich filling

Steampunk  sandwich filling.  Just because.  Well, it's for a job really (an app), but you know.

Had a few mishaps with my aquarium over the last few days.  Turns out that the bigger fish (the loaches) have started terrorizing my guppies....alas I had to bring them back to the pet store.  Hopefully they will find a new and happier home.  In the meantime I am hoping my guppies heal up.  Quite a few of them have damaged tails so I will be monitoring their progress over the next few days....

Illustration Job: Surreal Badge for app

Hi!  Here's another one of my surreal badge designs for an app.  Yup, no time to draw at the moment and I do need a bit of a breather before working back to back gigs next week.  Need to get back on the farm app job.  Expect to see a cow design at some point.

For other news, training with Justin has been going very well though my diet hasn;t been.  I have been having too much sugar lately and must once again cut back.  Ah well.

Justin is amazing and if you're on Facebook, definitely like his page if you're into fitness!

Some old pics from Squishface Studio

Old pics from Squishface Studio.  I don't think I've posted everything that's on here.  The first two pics was the last group Squishface group photo I was a part of.  Definitely need to ask Dave B. where the rest of the group photos are.  Then there's me working at the studio. It was definitely a lot of fun working at Squishface with Ben and the others and I miss it but am contracted at an animation studio now and that's pretty awesome too.  

Working with friends in a good environment is one of the best blessings I have in my life and am really grateful for it.


This was something I illustrated for one of my gigs and changed it up cos I liked the design.  Not to worry, am allowed to.  Anyhoo, was trying out a more graphic style.  A bit of fun!

I am happy to report that after days of overtime and working back to back jobs that I am on track, though who knows what next week will bring.  It changes week to week as we at the studio have an episode due every fortnight and some weeks are easier than others depending on the episode and if there weren't any delays from the department before us (the animators).