Background Design: Dukes of Broxstonia Season 02 (Lukes rehearsal studio)

Howdy!  One of the designs I worked on for the Dukes of Broxstonia show, based on Suren Perera's style and using some of the assets he designed.  Was good fun and it's always good to draw in the style of someone else.  Certainly keep me on my toes and it shows some degree of versatility...I hope.

Not a whole lot of freelance done today.  Spent a lot of it sleeping, think I needed it.  Been going flat chat for a while now and there's no sign of things slowing down.  On one hand, that's great as it's good to be busy and I can pay for everything I need.  On the other hand, am constantly on the go, I don't really sleep much and I really want to sit down and draw my own stuff for a change....that exhibition or furthering my art stuff is not going to happen at this rate.  Ah well.  I can't achieve both simultaneously right now but am hoping to be able to accomplish everything later...


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