Mecha Duck Hat

Hello!  Another one of my Mechanical hat sketches inspired by Camilla d'Errico's work.  Am thinking of doing a series of it but not sure what as of yet.  I have so many personal projects in mind but without any time to do them since I do quite a bit of freelance on the side.

Hard shot got done today.  Thank goodness!  Hopefully the fix-ups/retakes wont be bad.  It was a difficult shot.  Anyhoo, got some easier footage to do tomorrow.  Very relieved as I need to catch up on footage! 

I've also started reading the Sandman comics written by Neil Gaiman.  It is very good and addictive.  Should have a read when any of you get the chance.

I am looking forward to an early night tonight after doing some chores.  So tired!  The days feel long and short simultaneously.  How is this possible?  I really don't know. Wondering if I can squeeze in any freelance tonight?  We shall see....


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