Illustration Job: Farm App (dog design)

Hello!  Last of the farm animals and possibly one of the last few things I can show for the Farm app job.  The rest of the designs need to be under wraps now.  Still have a few more characters to go and am done.

Quite a bit of news for today.  I sold this piece at Sketch and Tulip!  You all should come by to check out the art and try out the food when you can!

Another thing is that I am getting closer to getting pistol squats (one legged squats)  which is great but my thighs are way sore.


Do click on the link to check out my performance. 

What else is new...hmmm....not much.  Planning to mostly chill out on the weekend which would be nice.  Maybe find more guppies.  I think there's a guppy shortage.  Been to the pet stores a couple of times now and I they don;t have any new guppies for me to adopt!  Sad bunny.


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