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A drawing I did some weeks now....reall busy at the moment and don't have time to write!


Some of the finishers!  Just drawn 3 for now.  For those that don't know, finishers are the last exercises that my trainer makes me do at the end of the session.  It's designed to use up all reserve energy.  Good exercises but very tiring indeed! For other news, the jobs I was working on this weekend got approved!  Yay! A little too busy to write, right now!

coloured page! (giant e-book job)

One of the pages I coloured today.  Had to finishing inking and colouring up all the pages.  The longest part was deciding on the colouring style and after that it was pretty easy.  Hopefully it gets approved, otherwise it's back to the drawing board!  Been a very busy working weekend.  Not much of a choice since I had tons to get done.  Anyway, am relaxing a bit for the evening.  By relaxing I mean sketching in my journal and studying Japanese.

Working during brekky ( giant-ebook)

Hi!  Last of the pages inked.  It's a major colouring day tomorrow and I still need to design the front cover.  Gotta get onto that!  I've been working pretty much all day!  Rather sad really since the day was beautiful. The designers at Moshi finished their contracts yesterday.  The animators will be finishing up before long too.  It' pretty sad and hopefully we can get the team back together again!

A birthday pressie!

Octopus piece (fineliners and schminke ink) Birthday Boy!!! M&M brownies Ben killing...I mean cutting the cake that Kathryn made.. It is my good friend Ben's 40th birthday today and I drew him this and baked the brownies.  Yay!  Am really glad he like the piece and that it turned out well.  I will be making shirts and tote bags with the design!  Ben is a special FX animator and is currently working with me at Studio Moshi.  He and I met at Ettamogah, an animation company that was interesting to say the least,  and that was in 2008.   He was really quiet when he first started work and when we did get chatting at one of the work gatherings, he called me a midget and then I kicked him on the shin for it...and we've been friends since.  Ben also tutored me on how to do smoke and blood special FX, smacked me with a ruler for having bad perspective in a background I drew and generally being there for me when I needed him.   He still laughs at me when he reme


Rupert Oscar  Some kitty drawings from my journal.  I did them ages ago. Both kitties are belong to friends of mine.  I haven't had as much chance to do new stuff much to do at the studio and at home.  No rest for the weary either as am working all weekend.  Fun and games boys and girls, fun and games.  However, I shall take tomorrow night off.  See how long that lasts...

Dream chocolate and a lot of other written stuff

Chocolate I drew a few days ago during brekky.  I have been very busy these last couple of weeks.  I've been taking on a lot as my current full-time contract will be ending in just a couple of months and I've been doing essentially anything I can get.  On top of that, I've been working on a side project that I cannot reveal here until it has been submitted, I am studying Japanese every night before bed and going to a private tutor once a week.  I will soon be taking the class.  Goodness, I don't feel ready for it at all.  I've also been submitting my work to places that might bring in revenue...but we shall see.  Trying to be an artist and producing stuff and taking the time to frame or get it framed and bringing it to different places, is a full-time job in itself and here I am trying to do both simultaneously.  I prefer to kill as many birds as I can with one stone.  It's the only way for me to get things done.  That and not sleepi

Posion dart frog lady (draft)

Am thinking of doing a new portrait series soon...not too disimilar to this...we shall see how we go though.  I have so many ideas at the moment.  I have another series in mind that I will be drawing up during Inktober and that starts on October 01....see how that goes!  I have a lot on my plate at the moment.  I know I talk about how busy I am often but I truly am!  I work full time, I go to the gym in the morning, am still socializing, I do work as soon as I get home till late and I get up early.  I am also re-learning Japanese, Urban Sketching, going to be doing Inktober and I need to sort out some exhibition pieces and not to mention character designing for a short film.  This is mental and I am loving it.  Better busy than bored, right?  Though I need some time to cook amdist all this.  Sigh.....

Book pages (Giant e-book job)

Book pages I inked over the weekend.  The client approved them today, along with two other roughs, so am going to be colouring, inking and roughing out the cover over the next few days.  On top of that, am doing a corportae animation gig after full-time working hours, I have another project that I can't say anything about yet and I need to catch up with a few people this week.  Absolutely mental! I have Japanese tomorrow as well and I need to do my homework and study.....right about now!

Commission Job: Fox birthday pressie with Dr. Who stuff

Howdy!  This was a commissioned A5 watercolour piece I did about a month ago for a birthday present.  I've been doing a few commission jobs for birthday pressies lately and as always, I would like to do more.  Anyhoo, it has been a jam packed weekend with work and private projects and socializing.  I now have to study and do my Japanese homework before bed.  At least some of it anyway! So much to do, so much to do!

Urban Sketching: Ray Cafe

Ray Cafe Hi!  Urban sketching efforts for today.  I was sketching in Brunswick to enter an urban sketch piece for an upcoming zine.  This is my entry.  The staff really liked it and there is a possibility of myself and perhaps the Squishfacers displaying our work here.  I certainly would like to! There are so many places I want to draw.  I wish I had enough time to do everything in a day.

Bomba Bar

A picture showing me, with a few friends relaxing, at the Bomba Bar and indulging a few weeks ago before things got very busy.  Can't really do this sort of thing right now (well, I still have dinners out here and there) but I have quite a bit on and I almost forgot to post this up as I was working on an illustration tonight.  I can't show it till later though! I am Urban Sketching around Brunswick tomorrow for a zine and bringing my illustration work with me to do at Squishface Studio.  Afterwards, home to animate.  There's going to be a lot of long days coming my way.  Incidentally, I had my first Japanese tutorial on Thursday.  It was great fun and it looks like I still remembered heaps of things but alas, struggling a bit with the particles.

People of Fitzroy

I was urban sketching on my own in Fitzroy, and drawing the "Flowers of Vasette" , when the guys from Saibu no Akuma spotted me and decided to include me in their project "People of Fitzroy" on their blog .  Here's the original link to me!  It was really cool and I was happy to be a part of their project.  I would say drawing for life applies to me because it is my hooby, my passion and a source of income.  I do it all the time and it makes me happy.  Even when am snowed under deadlines, it still makes me happy.  I have so many projects that involves drawing, painting, animating that I hope to live long enough to complete all the projects that I want and am undertaking. Check out all the current urban sketchings I've done here !

Poison Dart Frog

Hi, here's a frog I drew a week or so ago.  I haven't had time to draw anything new yesterday or today.  Perhaps I will draw something quick tonight.  Am trying to fit so much in a day that it's starting to tire me out a little.  I prefer this craziness rather than not having anything to do though.  I really wish I could clone myself sometimes...or not ever have to sleep...or just not get tired...maybe then I will get everything done....

Bare bones rough of a commission job am working on

Hi, here's a real rough (before I fixed it, re-scaled characters in Photoshop, etc) of one of the commissioned jobs am currently working on.  Can't really say much about it except that am following a specific brief.  A really fun job, though am still trying to figure out which direction I want to go with the final product....terms of colouring as that will determine the paper and the colouring medium. Am really flat out with work now and all my hours are pretty much filled.  I really wish I didn't have to sleep sometimes.  That's 5-6 hours of me being able to do more stuff!

Face doodles based on froggies

Lucinda Lucinda WIP Lila Hi all!  Here are some more face doodles. Am thinkinh that I really like the direct front on view and would like to create  a series of them.  These patterns where based on frogs.  Would be amazing to do a face series on wood along these lines.  I had another face doodle which I quite liked but it's not loading in Blogger properly.  Please check her out here . Submitted quite a few roughs today for jobs and one already got approved.  Yay!  Now need to get the materials to paint on it.  Hopefully this week.  Have a lot going on this week.  Going to be long and busy!  Bedtime now!

Urban Sketching: Mailing Road, round 02!

Mailing Road black and white coloured photo by Jay photo by Kym S Only good pic for the Alleycat piece Me colouring at the Alleycat A very fun and awesome day of sketching and socializing, followed by a great night celebrating a birthday and karaoke.  It was such a beautiful day that I made sure to absorb as much sunshine as I could! Some exciting news, the piece I did at the Alleycat Cafe off the Mailing Road in Canterbury sold on the spot.  I was sketching in the cafe with one of my urban sketcher friends and I was drawing the interior when the owner saw the piece and asked to buy it after I was done drawing.  I actually sold it on the spot, immediately after finishing.  It was great!  Never had that happened before and I am very pleased.  Very cool to make back to back sales with art!

"Sneeze" sold!

This sold at Off the Kerb gallery!  I entered it to the 100 Cat exhibition and I got sent a message tonight!  A lovely end to a working week and such great news.  This was my first brushpen piece too!  Very happy and am glad I got to participate in such a cool exhibition!  Off the Kerb is great and I hope to exhibit there again!

Some food drawings from the Journal

Some food I've drawn in my journal.  I haven't really done much food diarying lately.  I know what foods to eat and what not to...though I do slip up now and again.  Ah well.  A bit tired tonight, trying to desgn a few things.  So much to little time as per normal.

Marie and Audrey (face doodles from the journal)

Marie Audrey Here are some face doodles from my journal.  I started naming them cos I can't call all of them face doodles!  Anyway, things are busy and they are about to get much much busier.  I have quite a few freelance jobs to do after hours now.  September all the way to December is normally a busy time for me.  Looks like this year is no different!  I have a couple of personal projects too and I need to get onto that as well.  I love drawings faces (and anything that takes my fancy at the time), it relaxes me.

100 Cat exhibition pic and Ziggy

Gallery pic at Off the Kerb gallery Ziggy Hi!  A little overdue but the 100 Cat exhibition opening at Off the Kerb Gallery was last Friday and it was a lot of fun.  I had friends come and see the exhibition, had a good time chatting with fellow artists and it was so nice to see everyones work.  Some awesome stuff there.  Make sure to have a look at it if you haven't yet! The second picture is Ziggy.  He's Ben's cat and he asked me to draw him shortly after seeing Rani .  He looks a lot like the family cat whose name is Smoo.  Except that Ziggy has blue eyes whereas Smoo has one green and one blue.

Urban Sketching: corner Wight and Bellair Street, Kensington

Corner Bellair and Wight Street Hi!  This is what I was sketching on sunday.  It was a lovely day to be outdoors and I drew in the sunshine for a good part of it before going home to do other work.  I had a couple of people chat to me.  One man was particularly chatty.  I don't mind but I would rather keep drawing and concentrate on the building but that's how I am when am drawing.  Luckily, am pretty good at doing both simultaneously! A little tired today.  An early night methinks!

Happy Fathers Day!

One of my dad's favourite animal is an Elephant so I thought I would draw him one as a small token for being a loving dad.  Family was a bit busy today so celebrations have been delayed till later in the month and it will be good to catch up!

Lonsdale Street, view from the Emporium food court

Lonsdale street, view from Emporium food court level 02 Me by the window, enjoying the sun as I draw.  I got to sit down instead of standing up! All coloured up.  sunning myself indoors! This took forever!!!  No pencils once again, done with a 01 Staedtler pen and coloured with staedtler fineliners and mepxy and copic markers.  Whoo! I spent my whole morning drawing this piece.  The pieces are not very big at all, like half an A4 size and yet this took me hours to get done.  This took almost 4 hours!!!  I should do bigger and more finished pieces at home, based on the sketches I do when am out and about.  I was onn my opwn sketching in the morning and I couldn;t go to the bathroom or eat until the piece was finished, otherwise I would have lost my spot!  Priorities, I know. I spent the whole day drawing recreationaly and eating too much and therefore spending too much.  I was out with urban sketching friends and it was so lovely to spend the whole day with them.  There

Cat Exhibition tonight!

I drew this at work today (not to worry, I made heaps of footage) anyway, the cat exhibition at Off The Kerb Gallery is tonight (66B Johnston Street Collingwood) and starts from 6pm till 9pm!  This is Rani, the Off the Kerb Gallery cat!

more work in progress shots

Something I was working on a few days ago.  I finished colouring it all up last night and have already submitted it for approval.  See how we go.  I have one more page to do and I'll be working on it this weekend.  Get everything done and submitted by Monday. The kitty exhibition is tomorrow and it should be a good night!

Doodle City

I doodled this while I was at work today.  Just for fun.  It was a rather busy and full on day.  I got tons of stuff done but I am a little tired now.  I was wondering why I was so tired and if I could possibly be getting sick.  Then I realized that I didn't sleep too well last night.  Hopefully tonight will be better!  I really should sleep a bit more but there's just so much to do!  I am almost done with one illustration gig and then I have to move onto one of my commission jobs!