Urban Sketching: Mailing Road, round 02!

Mailing Road

black and white


photo by Jay
photo by Kym S
Only good pic for the Alleycat piece

Me colouring at the Alleycat
A very fun and awesome day of sketching and socializing, followed by a great night celebrating a birthday and karaoke.  It was such a beautiful day that I made sure to absorb as much sunshine as I could!

Some exciting news, the piece I did at the Alleycat Cafe off the Mailing Road in Canterbury sold on the spot.  I was sketching in the cafe with one of my urban sketcher friends and I was drawing the interior when the owner saw the piece and asked to buy it after I was done drawing.  I actually sold it on the spot, immediately after finishing.  It was great!  Never had that happened before and I am very pleased.  Very cool to make back to back sales with art!


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