Posion dart frog lady (draft)

Am thinking of doing a new portrait series soon...not too disimilar to this...we shall see how we go though.  I have so many ideas at the moment.  I have another series in mind that I will be drawing up during Inktober and that starts on October 01....see how that goes! 

I have a lot on my plate at the moment.  I know I talk about how busy I am often but I truly am!  I work full time, I go to the gym in the morning, am still socializing, I do work as soon as I get home till late and I get up early.  I am also re-learning Japanese, Urban Sketching, going to be doing Inktober and I need to sort out some exhibition pieces and not to mention character designing for a short film.  This is mental and I am loving it.  Better busy than bored, right?  Though I need some time to cook amdist all this.  Sigh.....


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