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Exhibition at Brunswick Arts 2015

Was at Brunswick Arts last night as I have two pieces exhibiting there.  Very cool.  I got a lot of compliments for both pieces but especially for the "Fish Fringe" one.  I always tend to think that one piece will do better than the other but the public always seems to pick something else.  Ah well.  As long as it's received well and people like it, right?

Chocolate Study: KitKat

The last chocolate I drew!  I remembered to take a shot of the work in progress this time too!  Personally, I think it's my best one thus far but I find that people think the Bueno is more impressive.  Oh well. Am going to try and do a video of my colouring process next time.  I need to get a bigger SD card for my Vid Cam though.  I got myself a cheap one and now am wondering if I should have gotten a better model.  Oh well.  Maybe if I start doing more videos.  Would be good, huh? Anyway, all of these will be compiled into a nice little chocolate zine!

Urban Sketching: South Wharf 02

Boat Builders Yard Webb Bridge Part of South Wharf Hi!  Spent the day in South Wharf today with sketching buddies and catching up with a friend. I thought to Urban Sketch in a different way!  Changing up the colours!  I really enjoyed doing that today and I want to try more colour combinations the next time I go out sketching.  Not quite accurate but a lot of fun.  I kinda get tired using the same palette all the time.  My favourite colour combination and style for today was the first one "Boat Builders Yard".  We had brekky there this morning.  It was very nice. My first proper day off in ages!  Did zero work today.  Hehehe...gotta make sure to do some tomorrow and really pump it out Monday and Tuesday next week!  Probably need to do some over the weekend too.  Oh well.

Urban Sketching: South Wharf sites.

Warehouse across the river Webb Bridge Hi!  I drew this with the Urban Sketch group last Saturday.  I actually help run the group this time so no pictures of me!  Was too busy taking shots of everyone else.  I am drawing at this location tomorrow.  I don't know how long it will be before am back in a studio again but I do need a day to just reset again.  I have quite a few illustration jobs to am still busy!  Need to tighten my belt for Japan and for taxes though.  Going to need to continue to put the pedal to the metal.

Squishface Studio 3rd Birthday!

Sarah's trifle Brownies! Dave at the BBQ Look at all the coasters! Bonding time via BBQ HAPPY FACE! Ben's breadman The proud trifle maker More Art Awe! Drinking Celery Soft drink No..seriously, this is Celery Soda Australia Day on Jan 26 has been traditionally spent celebrating Squishface Studios Birthday!  3 year running now and going onto our fourth.  It was a great and fun day today filled with BBQ, trifle, brownies and good company.  The perfect way to spend Australia Day, methinks.  Come by Squishface!  People are always welcome.   Plenty of art and comics to be seen and bought!

Singer from Munich Brauhaus

Hey!  Went to a German restaurant called " Munich Brauhaus"yesterday for lunch with the other Melbourne Urban sketchers, after a few hours of sketching.  There was a band there and I decided to draw the singer like 5 minutes before the act ended.  A shame that I wasn't inspired to draw her earlier.  Oh well.  Food and drink here is very good and I highly recommend it. Squishface party tomorrow, that should be fun as always!

Face Doodle: Julia

A face for tonight.  Thought I'd do some stuff in my antique book today.  It always gives a new and cool look to drawings. I ended work early today, ran out of stuff for me to do but considering how intense it has been over the last 4 days, am grateful for it.  When I got home,  I planned to do all this work and stuff but then ended up just sleeping. Sigh.  Now am late in posting and preparing stuff for Urban Sketching tomorrow.  Booo!  Ah well, all good.  I must be a bit burnt out though as am still sleepy.  Ridiculous.

52 week Illustration challenge. Week 03: Retro

Hallo!  I drew this up last night for the 52 week illustration challenge , theme being Retro.  One of the first things that came to mind.  I used to have so many cassette tapes.  No idea where they are now.  I even had recordings from friends. Oh well.  Truly retro now these things.  I did this illustration really quickly and it did surprisingly well in terms of people liking it on social media.  I will never get what appeals and what doesn't appeal to people.  People are weird. I may be ending at the current studio soon.  We shall see.  Being a specialist ( 2D animation), I tend to be needed on a project by project basis, so am quite used to flitting from one studio to another.  That said, I already picked up two big jobs today.  One is a very fast two week turn around (more illustration work) and two books with lots and lots of illustrations this time.  Pretty cool!

Chocolate Study: Time Out

Hi!  I started drawing this last night before bed and I had some downtime at work today so I managed to finish it.  I find it pretty funny that I was drawing a "Time Out" bar during a time out for me at work.  Nice little coincidence. My deskmate Chris (awesome compositor) had the chocolate bar.  No time out tomorrow though, it's back to pedal to the metal as I've been put on another project and with a really fast turn-around.  Still, another commercial!  I didn't animate the whole thing but I do have a three second stint in it.  Yay! I have something in my head on how I would like my new exhibition to be...but the kinks have not all been utted out yet though.  It does have something to do with chocolate bars and other pretty packaging designs I think!

Illustration Job (e-book page: Mochomo)

Well, I finished the last e-book last night.  No more for a!  Oh well, I get to relax a little bit.  Work is really intense and I normally come home with a fried brain.  I can wholeheartedly say that animation series work is no where near as intense on a regular basis as commerical work.   I'm doing well...I think.  Hard to be sure, you know?  Anyway, the big boss seems to want me to keep working so I'll keep working until there's nothing left to do....or Japan.

Illustration job: (e-book page, Popo)

A page from my third e-book I did over Christmas.  I am working on my last and fourth one now.  Apparently no more e-books for a while.  All good...perhaps it's time to concentrate on selling stuff on the net and actually sorting that out.  So much to do that as soon as something else finishes, I have something else on the list to take it's place. I'm also watching Akame ga kill while working on my final e-book.  My goodness, it's great!  Get onto it people!

Chocolate Study: Butterfinger

Yup, been on that chocolate mode lately.  This one is actually one of my favourite chocolates.  I think I might need to have another go at this one though.  I was a little distracted while sketching this, don;t think it is as accurate as it could have been.  Oh well.  Just a study! Back to work tomorrow and alas, haven't finished m last e-book yet.  Needed a bit of a re-charge.  will definitely get it out this week though!

Illustration Job: (e-book page: Louse)

Another one of my e-book designs. I drew and inked this one up on Christmas day....cos that is how I relax.  No, really..drawing is relaxing.  I drew this one up while watching animated X-men at my parents place.  Good fun. I have one more e-book to go on this batch. I am going to come up and finish something this weekend.  It's gonna happen people.  It's going to happen! For other news, a very social and busy weekend and work has been full on but at the same time I have been on track and doing rather well at it.  I may even have more work as soon as the current job finishes.  Fun and games boys and girls.  Lets hope that being prolific and employed remains throughout the year!


A sketch I did a night or two ago.  Drawn on an antique book with ballpoint pen.  I really should be coming up with ideas for my last e-book but am drawing a blank for some reason.  Probably because am using most of my creative powers at really happy with what I've done so far and my supervisors seem to find out what the client thinks!  Fingers crossed that they like it!

52 week Illustration challenge, week 02: Italy

This piece has gotten a very good response all around.  I think I might have locked down an actual exhibition idea.  See how we go though!  After all, when I started drawing chocolates and other packaging stuff, it was just for practice but I am really enjoying it and it seems that a lot of people are too.  Just keep having fun, I think!  In the meantime, I have an A3 Cadbury piece I would like to finish!

Urban Sketching: Beer Deluxe

Another sketch I did last Saturday.  Good fun!  I love drawing urban/steampunk-ish looks.  Tried to be a bit more minimal with colour.  Though I might try to do this place again and this time with colour! Back at Flutter....working on something incredibly tedious.  Good fun but really hard work.  Will let you all know what it is once it has been released!

Urban Sketching: Fed Square (The Atrium)

  Photo by Evelyn Yee Hallo! Been a while since I put up an Urban Sketching post.  Went sketching last Saturday with the group and it was a lot of fun.  Was great to catch up with people, chat and just have a good time, really.  Fed Square is still kicking my ass.  Can't quite get it right yet.  I will attempt it again when I have the time!

Illustration Job (e-book pages: Popo)

Howdy!  An e-book job I was working on last week.  Check out the roughs!  I drew this while one and about.  The first piece was drawn at the State Library and the second one at a cafe.  It was very hot that day so I wanted to draw in air conditioned environments.  I've already coloured these both up in Photoshop too and will be submitting it this week.  I have one more e-book to conceptualize and execute.  Hopefully this week!

52 week Illustration challenge, week 01: Fairy Tale

My first entry to the 52 week illustration challenge!  The theme for this week is Fairy Tail.  This is a Maleficent inspired piece from disney's Sleeping Beauty.  Just having fun really.  It would be interesting to see if I can keep up with posting a piece every week till December...especially when things start to get really busy.

Illustration Job: (e-book page: Rabbit)

A page I finished last year, right before Christmas.  Thought to try another style.  Changing it up is always fun!  Submitting quite a few e-books next week.  I've done two and I need to ink one more page for the third one today and hopefully finish the colouring of it tomorrow.  Did a bit on the animation gig as well.  Hoping to finish that off too.  So much to do!  Not that this is strange.  I've hot the ground running for 2015 that's for sure! Work starts at full force next week.  Not that I haven't been working already but I have been distracted by doing a lot of house stuff too.  Liking the look of my place though.  Got to do more!  Been finishing a bit every day but more needs to be done.  Sometimes it is just nice to refresh the look of a place that I've been living in for ages.

Illustration Job: drawing a fifty peso bill

Hello, hello!  Another buys day today.  I managed to wipe out one job and finish a big chunk of the e-book job.  I still have a third job that I need to do stuff for though!  Heh, funny thing about my work is that I can't always say who am working for or what am doing.  Like I got permission to display this illustration but I can't name the project.  This was tedious but good to do. It's insanley hot in Melbourne so I spent most of the day illustrating with a friend in the city.  Now normally I would urban sketch but have been too busy working on the e-book job and I've decided to do a weekly illustration based on the 52 week illustration challenge .  I came in late last year and tried to catch up but then got too busy.  This time, am going to attempt to do it weekly. I bought stuff to organize the kitchen with but I didn't buy enough.  Ugh.  Back to Daiso again tomorrow. I am spending a small fortune on little containers and dividers and box stuff.  I alre

Illustration Job: drawing a twenty peso bill

Hi!  One of the jobs I was working on yesterday.  This took forever!  Was good fun to draw though.  I spent today working on some illustrations and cleaning and organizing my study.  My goodness, housework just takes forever.  I need to fix the kitchen tomorrow.  It's a disaster zone in there. I need to get more shelving containers too.  Gah!

Work in progress chocolate drawing...

Bought one of those Cadbury Favourites to draw.  I didn't eat one, Rob ate it all.  It was a sight to behold.  One piece of chocolate was equivalent to one bite.   Anyhoo, I need more sweets to fill up the page.  I was debating whether or not to stick to cadbury theme or start adding in M&Ms, Willy Wonka stuff, Lindt...etc..I can get the Freddo Frogs and Caramello Koalas but this is an A3 sized paper and I don't think there's enough interesting Cadbury packaging to fill the whole page. So many other chocolates to draw!  Anyway, this is still a work in progress that I can't see myself finishing any time soon.  A private piece.  I think it's good practice before I start making up my own chocolate and packaging stuff,  I have an idea or two in mind. No idea if I will have time to do my own sketches this week.  I had two pretty difficult illustrations to draw today and I have a few more to do tomorrow before I can complete one job and afterwards I need to

Twix sketch

Drew this Twix some time last week before New Years.  I need to buy more gold ink.  So many packagings love their gold ink.  I may invest in a few more metallic colours too. Been watching TV and movies the last few days and trying to fix, de-clutter and organize my place.  Getting there but still a long way off.  Back to freelancing tomorrow though before I go back into a studio the week after.  Lots to do.  I need to finish several illustrations tomorrow....should be good fun though!

Bomba: energy drink

A drawing I did a few days ago at my friends house.  This is an energy drnk he kept since he thought the design was pretty unique and I did too and he suggested I draw it.  Tada!  It was soooo hot today and there were power issues in my area so had to retreat to a shopping centre and we watched a movie: Big Hero 06.  It is very very cool and worth every penny.  A real awesome movie and a must watch and must have!