Urban Sketching: South Wharf 02

Boat Builders Yard

Webb Bridge
Part of South Wharf
Hi!  Spent the day in South Wharf today with sketching buddies and catching up with a friend. I thought to Urban Sketch in a different way!  Changing up the colours!  I really enjoyed doing that today and I want to try more colour combinations the next time I go out sketching.  Not quite accurate but a lot of fun.  I kinda get tired using the same palette all the time.  My favourite colour combination and style for today was the first one "Boat Builders Yard".  We had brekky there this morning.  It was very nice.

My first proper day off in ages!  Did zero work today.  Hehehe...gotta make sure to do some tomorrow and really pump it out Monday and Tuesday next week!  Probably need to do some over the weekend too.  Oh well.


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