52 week Illustration challenge. Week 03: Retro

Hallo!  I drew this up last night for the 52 week illustration challenge, theme being Retro.  One of the first things that came to mind.  I used to have so many cassette tapes.  No idea where they are now.  I even had recordings from friends. Oh well.  Truly retro now these things.  I did this illustration really quickly and it did surprisingly well in terms of people liking it on social media.  I will never get what appeals and what doesn't appeal to people.  People are weird.

I may be ending at the current studio soon.  We shall see.  Being a specialist ( 2D animation), I tend to be needed on a project by project basis, so am quite used to flitting from one studio to another.  That said, I already picked up two big jobs today.  One is a very fast two week turn around (more illustration work) and two books with lots and lots of illustrations this time.  Pretty cool!


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