Urban Sketching: Melbourne Emporium foodcourt

Hi!  Was out sketching today with a couple of my Urban sketcher mates and this was actually the second image I drew for today.  I wanted to try and refine the first one before posting it. This was at the Melbourne Emporium Foodcourt.  A place to draw and I captured what I could.  Colouring stuff becomes pretty difficult when there is a lot of detail.  I should also try to make my people look more real rather than cartoony as well.  A bit of a habit I must admit.

Been feeling a bit sick in my tummy since yesterday, stabbing pains.  Still feeling it a bit today but am recovering.  I suspect that it's a mild case of food poisoning.  Alas.  Anyway, going to bed early now and hoping am mostly recovered by tomorrow!  I have quite a bit of work to do as soon as I get up tomorrow morning.