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Package Design/Chocolate Study: Choco Mucho

Chocolate study I did last night.  Actually from one of my cousins from overseas.  Chocolate studies are quite fun to do! I need to sort out a few more things tomorrow before travel time!

52 Week Illustration Challenge: Week 37 Geometric

Hi!  Something I drew up for the 52 Week Illustration Challenge !  Woo!  Pushing the whole Geometric theme a bit but oh well! Today's news: finally finished all my current jobs.  Yay!  So tomorrow I need to sort out some travel stuff after gym.  A bit of running around in the city and Wednesday will be for any last minute stuff that I forget to do tomorrow.  It's been a crazy few weeks.  Relaxing with a bit of drawing tonight cos that's how I like to relax!  Now which sketchbook should I take with me overseas....hmmm.....

Game 11 Round 09

Hi!  This was my last one for this game.  Check out the latest games on Kookyrabbit. So, tomorrow is when I plan to do my last day of work and then spend the next two days just preparing for the trip.  Gonna have another break.  Wheeee!  Should be good fun.

Game 11 Round 07

Howdy! Cos I was inspired by the hipster feel of the previous posts I decided to do this piece with craft beer! Cos why not?  The rest of the series is on Game 11 at kookyrabbit . So, it's coming down the wire now for getting everything done.  Fingers crossed that I manage to finish everything this weekend!  That would be good. I am still forever baffled on why some people like some images more than others and it's normally the pieces that I think will do really well, never do as well.  Pretty annoying!

Game 11 Round 05

Hallo, hallo! Another round for Game 11.  I enjoyed this one!  It's just what happens so often now where people like taking photos of their food! Mmm...have a few more shots to go on this animation gig and then am done!  Wheee!  Here's hoping for getting done weekend.

Game 11 Round 03

Hi!  Game 11 Round 03 for kookyrabbit .  Spent the day finishing an illustration job, which was great.  Hopefully good feedback tomorrow. I think I will work on my next round for kookyrabbit tonight since it's pretty late.  I think I will sleep early for a change too!

Game 11 Round 01

Hi!  Here's a little clown I drew to start of Game 11!  We're actually on Game 12 now.  I was working on my piece to submit tonight but it's not finished yet.  I also spent most of the day animating.  A little tired admittedly.  Not much more to go though and then am hoping I will have time to put in more touches!  Tired.  I was hoping to finish another shot today or do some illustration work but my brain is fried.  Bah.  Will just continue my drawing tonight and sleep before an ungodly hour for a change.  That hasn't happened in a very long time.

Game 10 Round 10

Last one for round 10 on Kookyrabbit .  Still working tonight.  I did manage to finish one of my jobs though.  Yay! Not long now before it's holiday time.  For other news...I hear we have a new Prime Minister here in Australia.  Least he is well-spoken...shall be interesting to see what he does. 

Game 10 Round 08

Hi!  A piece from Game 10 on kookyrabbit ! Game 12 will be starting shortly too.  Keep up with the games,  it's really good fun!  Though a bit of a squeeze with work being very busy at the moment. I am hoping to get quite a few things done this week.  Wish me luck!

Game 10 Round 06

Hi!  Another one from Game 10 on Kookyrabbit .  In hindsight, I think I could have added in more stars. Anyway, am currently animating for one of my gigs so I better get back on it!

Game 10 Round 04

Hi! Happy Friday everyone!  This is from Game 10 on Kookyrabbit .  I put up my last round for Game 11 this morning.  I quite like this round, everyone should have a look! It's been all systems go the last few days.  Getting footage and illustration work done, training and keeping up with Kookyrabbit.  It feels like am going a tiny bit mental.  I still haven't done tons of stuff for my travel either.  I need to sort out a few things next week!  Quite a few birthday stuff this weekend too so doing work and birthday stuff is going to be very interesting.

Game 10 Round 02

Hi!  This image here is from Game 10 at Kookyrabbit .  Do check it out.  We're wrapping up Game 11 shortly.  This was a fun game since there had to be a hundred theme to all the pieces.  The tortoise is a 100 years old and carrying a 100 year old tree trunk ( Kookylane started the first round). I am...really tired at the moment.  Pulled some very big numbers for my animation gig and got half of my illustration gig done.  Fingers crossed I can pull a big number this week and next.  Not a whole lot of time left!

52 week illustration challenge: Week 35 Botany

Hi!  I entered this to the 52 Week Illustration Challenge last week (theme was Botany) and it's been used for something cool too... but it's a secret for now! For other news.  Am really overloaded with work and been working around the clock.  I only leave the house for gym and to get myself some real food.  I survived on mostly coffee, nutella on toast, a banana and oatmeal today. I ate real food for dinner and only because there's a Japanese place next to the gym.  The dishes have piled up on the sink, the laundry needs folding and the trash needs taking out.  Been chained to the computer for hours and hours since Monday.  Two weeks before travel time and I need to get a lot of work done.  I do mean a in finished.  Madness I tell you.  Madness.  I also feel quite poor since I haven't seen a paycheck in over a month....close to two now. That's what happens when you take 2 week break from work and then finished a few jobs but not get paid until after

Bird Cycle.

A drawing I started ages ago and just finished recently!  Been a busy day but it doesn't feel like I am making much progress...which is disconcerting.  I actually still need to work tonight.  Fingers crossed that I get more done.... I may actually have to work around the clock until it's holiday time!

Game 09 Round 09

Hi!One of my favourite posts on Kookyrabbit thus far.  Please have a look at how the series is progressing.  The was my last entry for Game 09 and we're already on Game 11.  I need to draw something up in between gym, work for my next entry. A relaxed busy day today.  I wonder if that's possible?  I did some animation and some Melb Uni illustrations while watching a whole lot of anime.  How I got any work done is certainly a miracle in itself.  Now that I have watched all of Monster Musume Everyday Life with Monster Girls and Rokka-Braves of the 6 Flowers, I can now just leave it playing in the background while I work.  I also need to start playing a whole lot of Japanese lessons too.  I suppose I better do that tomorrow.  It does take a bit of concentration to take in though.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!  To all the dads out there and especially to mine!  My dad was the one who got me into anime, comics (DC, Marvel and the Archies), Warner Bros, Disney, pretty much everything that was artistically inspired in Pop Culture.  He was also cool with my sister and I playing video games.  It was great.  My dad, little sister and I were all into Dragon Ball Z too and we would all watch the episodes and movies together.  Dragon Ball Z was something we all followed for years and dad took great efforts to obtain the latest movies and episodes for my sister and I.  So here's a tribute to those moments and Goku eating a steak!  My dad love's his food too!  Especially my mum's steak.  That said...thinking about it, this little one here could be Goten. Well, hope you had a great day Dad and see you soon!

Game 09 Round 07

Hi!!!  This is one of my better pieces from the Kookyrabbit series.  I do a good job colouring digtally when the colours are limited and flat.  This was a pretty popular piece on my social media accounts. For other news, I've picked up another gig which should keep me busy till I go overseas.  Yay!  I am currently backing up everything on my computer because we're abput to clean install this baby so I can get the new Windows.  I can no longer get the newest programs that i need to optimally do my job without upgrading.  Unfortunately this is a major pain but it needs to get done.  Rob is helping me out.  It's a pain though....a real pain.

Game 09 Round 03

Another one from Kookyrabbit .  Do check out this was quite good! I finished another job today and have another lined up which is great.  Will be chatting to the folks tomorrow and check the brief out. For other news, I do need a really good sleep tonight.  Been doing a lot of late night drawing this week and I need to call it a night!

Game 09 Round 01

Hehehe!  Oops, I haven't stayed in order.  I should have posted up Round 10 of Game 08 but I still haven't gotten around to scanning a good version of it.  Oopsie!  Doesn't matter, you can see everything if you visit the Kookyrabbit website.  In fact, do visit as the compilation for Game 10 just went up today.  Must have a look.  Anyhoo, thought I would put up some of the pics from Game 09.  I started it of with a Samurai helmet! I got a lot done today...which was great but I have to stay up late tonight colouring.  A favour to my sister and so I can get this thing looking all nice and pretty for the 52 week illustration challenge which I started doing again! Cos why not?

Game 08 Round 08

 Hi!  I actually skipped a round since I wasn't really too happy with round 06.  Have a look at the series at Kookyrabbit.   This was Game 08 round 08.  I am however happy with this drawing.  All inked and coloured traditionally.  I was hanging out with another artist friend when I did this too.  I feel like I need a better scanner though.