Game 09 Round 09

Hi!One of my favourite posts on Kookyrabbit thus far.  Please have a look at how the series is progressing.  The was my last entry for Game 09 and we're already on Game 11.  I need to draw something up in between gym, work for my next entry.

A relaxed busy day today.  I wonder if that's possible?  I did some animation and some Melb Uni illustrations while watching a whole lot of anime.  How I got any work done is certainly a miracle in itself.  Now that I have watched all of Monster Musume Everyday Life with Monster Girls and Rokka-Braves of the 6 Flowers, I can now just leave it playing in the background while I work.  I also need to start playing a whole lot of Japanese lessons too.  I suppose I better do that tomorrow.  It does take a bit of concentration to take in though.


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