Game 09 Round 01

Hehehe!  Oops, I haven't stayed in order.  I should have posted up Round 10 of Game 08 but I still haven't gotten around to scanning a good version of it.  Oopsie!  Doesn't matter, you can see everything if you visit the Kookyrabbit website.  In fact, do visit as the compilation for Game 10 just went up today.  Must have a look.  Anyhoo, thought I would put up some of the pics from Game 09.  I started it of with a Samurai helmet!

I got a lot done today...which was great but I have to stay up late tonight colouring.  A favour to my sister and so I can get this thing looking all nice and pretty for the 52 week illustration challenge which I started doing again! Cos why not?


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