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Product Design Study: German Herrings

Hi!  So I drew this a few days ago before things got really busy again.  Always good fun drawing up packages.  Relaxing and fun.  Good practice too.  I struggled with drawing the  curves on this one.  Perspective is always tougher with rounder shapes. 

I am excited for this weekend..gonna be Urban Sketching a storm!!!  Should be fun! It's Art Town and lots of events happening weekend on Chapel Street.  Come on down if you're free!

Game 28 Round 06: No..I don't know where we are going!

A quick one today for kookyrabbit.  Am not feeling that great.  Work and lack of sleep may have simply caught up with me.  I was pretty productive today though so am not feeling too badly about it but after I write this blog am going to have a lie down in bed for a bit.  It's been happening for a few days now....

Product Design Study: Lindt Gold Bunny

Hi!  So Rob gave me this bunny for Easter!  Very yummy.  I drew it before I ate it.  It's head anyway. Done with markers and staedtler fineliners.

I finished another animation today but the job isn't finished yet and I sorted majority of the designs for another job too and have started to make the first out of 6 animations for them too.  It's been a very long but productive day.  I wanted to draw another package tonight but am feeling drained.

Also, some sad news.  A relative of mine died last night.  I didn't know this person well but I did like them and it makes me sad that they're no longer in this world.

Game 28 Round 04: Hello there!

Hello!  Today is the last day of the Easter Break and we had a few Easter items for Kookyrabbit.  I don't do a lot of pin ups but I do find them enjoyable!

That said, it hasn't been much of a break.  Been doing a lot of work but it has been good! I got a lot done and have managed to have some drawing time for myself too.  The working day is not over for me yet though.  I have a few more things I need to design or animate before I can call it quits for tonight.  That's what happens when you take more than one gig.  Maybe I will take a breather after this is all done.  I haven't had a chance to fish for more new jobs so it might happen anyway.  Eek!

 I do love working and freelancing but I am coming to a point where I realize that I need to start making a push towards my end goal.  Artists don't really retire unless they have to and I would rather not end up in that category...however..we all get old.  That's just a fact or we die before we can get to that stage…

Game 28 Round 02: Happy easter 2016

Hallo! I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday!  My boyfriend and I got home rather late.  We were out last night in the city with my friends and watched Batman VS Superman.  It is not as bad as everyone went on about.  Not the greatest movie but you know, it's a super hero movie and I didn't mind it.

I did this drawing for Kookyrabbit, for Easter and for Epilepsy Awareness day (the color purple is to show support).  I have a good friend that suffers from epilepsy.

I did some work today, some more product design and more work to do tomorrow!  I will be trying to make more time to draw what I enjoy though.  Even though it's not really something I can sell, I do enjoy drawing up product design studies.  It's relaxing and am getting some practice.

Product Design Study: Master Foods Mild American Mustard

Hi!  How is everyone today?  A 4 day long weekend for Easter is what a lot of folks celebrate.  I won't be for all the days since there's still work to be done but I did take some time off today!

I spent most of today chilling and drawing which was lovely and drew this bottle of mustard that I actually started about a week ago and we're going out to nice place tonight for dinner...difficult to find places open on a Good Friday but we have one! 

I am about to start some work before we head out though.  I can't help myself to take the entire day off when there is stuff to do and I will feel better if I at least get a design or two done.  Only have an hour before we leave though! 

Tomorrow, I will draw something more "Eastery".  Hope everyone is have a great day!

Book page: illustration gig

Who didn't have time to draw anything new today?  Me!!!  Been busy getting work done.  I've slowed down a bit, so will take a break tomorrow.  It's been a bit insane.  I still have a lot to do though, so we shall see if that break happens or not.  I will sleep in though.  I am looking forward to a sleep in.  I've been working for 8am the last couple of weeks if not earlier to get stuff done and I work till about 11 pm to 1 am too.  It's been a bit of a madhouse but worth it, I think!

This was done for one of the books I worked on, last month.  I can't wait to see it published!  It will be so awesome. 

Watching movies this Easter break so that should be fun and I want to draw something for myself tomorrow too.  Everything I've drawn lately has either been rushed or for a client.  I want to draw some product studies.  It's relaxing.

Game 27 Round 09: Eating cookies during class, tsk, tsk...

Hallo, hallo!  Another busy day with me from chores to jobs to kookyrabbit and have started exercising again...all that jazz!

I drew this up quickly in Photoshop today.  My brain died while I was doing work.  So much stuff on!  That said, this week and the next should be calmer and less insane than the week previously.  It's actually been a bit easier the last two days too.  Need to jack up the speed again tomorrow though!

Game 27 Round 07: Off to School!

Hallo!  I had a little bit of down time yesterday ( I shouldn't have, I still have a ton of work to do but my brain was fried).  Anyway, some news...I finished a job officially today!  Hurray, it went to client and no fix-ups came back!  Woo hoo! 

Anyway, the drawing was for Kookyrabbit, done with a brush pen and fineliners.  Off white background put in Photoshop.

Game 27 Round 05: What Happened?

I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to put up a blog post.  This one is for Kookyrabbit.  The current theme is African.  I chose to mostly do animals.  I have been rushing my drawings though which is a bit of a shame.

I had a lot to do yesterday (Sunday) so I was up by 8am and worked till about 4:30.  We went out for a bit and when we got back at 9:30 pm I started working again till 1 pm. I got up and started work again at 8 am this morning.  I did get everything done but the jobs aren't over yet.  I have a bit of a break tonight, simply because I need one but I will be getting up rather early tomorrow to work on one job, submit that and get ready to work on the other job when the brief comes in.  Fun and games for me!  Busy...busy...busy....

Game 27 Tound 03: Flower for you?

Hi!  This is a drawing I did a few days ago for Kookyrabbit when it was my turn.  Hand drawn and colored in Photoshop.  My goodness, I have so much going on right now....spent a good chunk of today working and got a good portion done but again...not as much as I would have liked.  I never seem to get as much as I want done, done.  Hopefully I can wake up early tomorrow and get more work sorted before social stuff at night!

Game 27 Round 03: Cheetah

Not much time to draw or do anything else but work for that matter!  Lots on my plate at the moment....which is great since it's better than an empty plate but it's taking a lot out of me.  The projects am working on are a whole lot of fun though!  Can't wait to show it....when I can that is.  May be a while yet.

Anyhoo, this was done for Kookyrabbit!

Game 26 Round 10: Treasure Time

Hallo!  This was my last round for Game 26 on Kookyrabbit ...did it a few days ago.  Sooo busy right now and I am going flat out and I feel like am still not getting much done.  That said, I did so much better today than yesterday.  Feels like I found my groove which is pretty awesome but I still feel like I don't have enough time yet.  I have to do more work tonight....

Game 26 Round 08: Color Me Pink!

Something I drew up for Kookyrabbit a few days ago.  I was pretty busy today for freelance work so haven't had much of a chance to do any drawing.  A tad tired but I still have stuff to do!  The next few days will be long ones I think.  Oh dear.

Pet Portrait 02: Boxer siblings

Hi!  Well, I got commissioned to draw a pair of Boxers (brother and sister) for a birthday present! Done with Markers on A4 Canson marker illustration paper.  A lot of fun and not dogs I would have normally drawn either but they have a lovely charm to them.

Today was spent animating.  One of my jobs got delayed and that gave me the opportunity to fully finish animating the other job!  I haven't submitted it yet since I want to do some touch ups and make sure that I've done the best I can.  I've been working on it since this morning and I prefer to look at the animation with fresh eyes tomorrow before submitting.  Then I'll probably start designing for a different gig or have to start animating for another one.  Wheee!  Juggle, juggle, juggle....  lucky I love work.  No, I really do.  The only thing I love more than paid work is actually doing my own creative pieces and getting paid for it.  It is a lot of fun to work for different companies or people though.  I truly …

Pet Portrait Commission 01 2016: Sonny and Milo

Hallo!  Soooo...I started work on this on Friday March 04 and managed to get it done on March 11, the following Friday.  On top of doing freelance and going out and stuff!  It was great getting back into painting.  Done with Acrylics on wood and this is a birthday present that I got commissioned to do.  Was awesome!  I do feel a bit rusty but I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to do more painting on wood!

The original references are here!

We spent the weekend going to Bendigo and to Kyneton.  Saw the Marilyn Monroe exhibition in Bendigo and that was very good.  Tomorrow is a flat out work day though!!  I have a lot to do. I am juggling 3 freelance jobs.  I also finished another pet portrait commission today too.  More on that tomorrow!

Game 26 Round 06: Cradling the Killer Whale

Soooo...I made a mistake yesterday with the order of items and had to make some adjustments to this one last night.  Yup, Astri and I have had to list what we're doing ahead of time since we're both pretty busy with work and life in general and this gives us a chance to keep up by doing a few images ahead of time.  I haven't had that luxury though.  Been too busy!   I am hoping to do one very late tonight cos am going out have fun and to enjoy the sunshine which I haven't had much of lately since I've been indoors, chained to a computer or a painting easel doing work.  I enjoy and love what I do in life but gets tough sometimes juggling a lot.  Now I can take on less but that also means missing out on some very cool opportunities and I hate missing out when I can still push through and do it!

Now  am a big fan of Mark Mason's blog and this one is particular spoke to me.  Have a read.  It's pretty good and I like his ana…

Game 26 Round 06: May I present an Arrawana

New round for Kookyrabbit.  I had to do a quick one today.  Thought to go for an old fashioned look!  Spent most of the day animating and I don't think am quite done yet with work today.  So much to much to do.  Rob says that I've run into a "purple patch" which is great but it means that am even busier than normal.  I am aiming to get 2 jobs done next week and to really start pumping out the work too!  Also...doing a good job of course!  The main goal is to provide as much quality as I can afford.

Book page

Hi!  I was working on the painting for a good part of today and chatting freelance and whatnot.  I have so much to do from tomorrow that it's not funny.  No time to draw so I here's an image from one of my book jobs.  Drawing guys is tougher for me than girls since I don't draw boys as much.  I also don't like looking back at work I did ages ago...I spot mistakes or things I could have done much better, simply because I've grown since.  Oh well, live and learn and make sure that the next project is better!  That's the way of progression, right? 

Speaking of project, I have three that I need to get on with along with finishing a painting off.  Gonna be crazy!  That's March booked up!

Game 26 Round 04: Jelly Hug!

Hi!  Another one for Kookyrabbit.  Over 130 drawings done for this game.  Not bad...not bad at all if I do say so myself!

It's soooo hot today!  I did computer work in the morning, did this piece in the afternoon and haven't painted today.  Time got away from me I guess.  I should do some of that tomorrow but looks like am going to get feedback for another job some time tomorrow who knows how this is going to go.  We also have a busy weekend of outings ahead too, with my boyfriend.  Should be fun!

Package Design Study: Flake

Hi!  Another package design study that I drew in my free time a few days ago.  I do enjoy drawing these. Pretty relaxing and fun and it does look good in the sketchbook!  I want to draw something for myself today but I just finished doing the bulk of designs for a project and finishing designs off tomorrow and hopefully it all gets approved so I can start animating asap.  Now am off to paint the pet portrait.  I would like to draw a bottle of mustard for fun though.  No particular reason except that I feel like drawing something simple and yellow.

I am sleepy though.  My mom gave me some feedback on my pet portrait job last night and I ended up doing more fixing and rendering till about 2:30 in the morning.  Not great but I tend to get a bit obsessed and couldn't sleep till I got it to a state that I like.  I still need to do more rendering but I think I better work on the flowers today and get back to the animals while that section is drying. 

Much to do...much to do...always mu…

Game 26 Round 02: Jellyfish Skirt

Piece I did today for Kookyrabbit!  It was a lot of fun but took longer than expected. All done in Photoshop.

I can't believe it's already Sunday afternoon!  That's what you get when you sleep in till 10 and don't start doing stuff till 11.  I need to start painting shortly and maybe even do some work or video editing tonight.  I suspect I will start working first thing tomorrow though when my boyfriend leaves for work.  Get a head start before the heat makes my study very warm.  It's not bad at the moment but there's really good light in the dining/lounge area where I am painting and I would like to take advantage of that!

Package Design Study: Collon

I had some free time last week and I drew this for fun!  I had this package with me for ages and finally felt inspired to draw it!  I have a partial video of this too, hoping to get the time to cut it tomorrow. 

My boyfriend and I went out today, enjoying the country so I didn't get to do much painting.  The bulk is done, which is great since fixes came in for one of my jobs.  I'll probably start that tomorrow or first thing on Monday.  So much stuff to much stuff to do. 

It's been pretty good but I haven't been able to go to the gym since moving to the country and that makes me a bit sad.  Am not inspired to work out on my own and I miss my trainer and my gym in the city.  It's taking some adjustment.  I am drawing a lot more though and working from home is pretty good....taking the good with the bad I guess.  I do enjoy living here and I am hoping it gets colder soon so I can run around the block and get fit again.  I hate running in the heat...I hate tr…

Urban Sketching: Southern Cross Station

Hi!  I did this drawing last Saturday but only posted it now.  I was at a Melbourne Urban Sketch meet last week.  Always great fun drawing with these very talented folks!

Been doing a lot of drawing lately which has been great!  I was working on a pet commission piece today too.  Photos in the next few days.  I have package designs to post too!  So much to post and so much more to draw still.  Wish I had time to just do everything.

Nothing much to say today except that I hate that it's warm and that it's going to be warm next week.  Hate the heatwave!

Game 25 Round 09: Best Party Clothes

Hallo, hallo!  This is me all done for Kookyrabbit Game 25.  Kookylane will be finishing up and starting the next game.  Wheee! 

I am so far prepping some plywood for a pet portrait and now I need to do the rough for that.  Waiting for two jobs to start/continue...been paid half upfront so no biggie.  Now, off to do the rough for a pet portrait I've been commissioned and to put on another coat of gesso on the wood!

Game 25 Round 07: Margarita Time!

Hallo, hallo!  This was a drawing I did for Kookyrabbit yesterday.  Another game is ending shortly.  Pretty amazing how fast time is flying.  It's already March!!!  What happened to the first two months of this year?

The big news today is that I finished my second book!  Done and dusted!  Hurrah!  I also picked up another gig starting some time next week and still waiting for feedback for another job and I got commissioned to do a pet portrait.  This should be so much fun!  It's also going to be very very busy.  Am hoping that I can handle everything!

Urban Sketching: Lord of the Fries, Southern Cross

Hi!  Here's a drawing I did last Friday, for fun!  I was out in the city last week and I was there very early, so all the shops were closed and I drew this while having breakfast at tan adjacent cafe.  It was fun and I don't always draw without color but this one worked quite well!

I need to go Urban Sketching around Kilmore too.  I guess am just waiting for the weather to cool down and when I don't have a lot of work on.  I actually have a surprise day off today since none of the clients have gotten back to me so I can't move forward.  Ah well, did some drawing today which is always fun and I was hoping to do more before the day ends!