Package Design Study: Collon

I had some free time last week and I drew this for fun!  I had this package with me for ages and finally felt inspired to draw it!  I have a partial video of this too, hoping to get the time to cut it tomorrow. 

My boyfriend and I went out today, enjoying the country so I didn't get to do much painting.  The bulk is done, which is great since fixes came in for one of my jobs.  I'll probably start that tomorrow or first thing on Monday.  So much stuff to much stuff to do. 

It's been pretty good but I haven't been able to go to the gym since moving to the country and that makes me a bit sad.  Am not inspired to work out on my own and I miss my trainer and my gym in the city.  It's taking some adjustment.  I am drawing a lot more though and working from home is pretty good....taking the good with the bad I guess.  I do enjoy living here and I am hoping it gets colder soon so I can run around the block and get fit again.  I hate running in the heat...I hate training in the heat.


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