Product Design Study: Master Foods Mild American Mustard

Hi!  How is everyone today?  A 4 day long weekend for Easter is what a lot of folks celebrate.  I won't be for all the days since there's still work to be done but I did take some time off today!

I spent most of today chilling and drawing which was lovely and drew this bottle of mustard that I actually started about a week ago and we're going out to nice place tonight for dinner...difficult to find places open on a Good Friday but we have one! 

I am about to start some work before we head out though.  I can't help myself to take the entire day off when there is stuff to do and I will feel better if I at least get a design or two done.  Only have an hour before we leave though! 

Tomorrow, I will draw something more "Eastery".  Hope everyone is have a great day!


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