Pet Portrait Commission 01 2016: Sonny and Milo

Hallo!  Soooo...I started work on this on Friday March 04 and managed to get it done on March 11, the following Friday.  On top of doing freelance and going out and stuff!  It was great getting back into painting.  Done with Acrylics on wood and this is a birthday present that I got commissioned to do.  Was awesome!  I do feel a bit rusty but I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to do more painting on wood!

The original references are here!

We spent the weekend going to Bendigo and to Kyneton.  Saw the Marilyn Monroe exhibition in Bendigo and that was very good.  Tomorrow is a flat out work day though!!  I have a lot to do. I am juggling 3 freelance jobs.  I also finished another pet portrait commission today too.  More on that tomorrow!


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