Game 32 Round 02: Rosella and Wren delight

Hi!  I drew this about a week ago now for kookyrabbit! They're even up on my Redbubble shop.  Take a look at the products this is on!  I'll be getting the chiffon top once my first batch of orders from Redbubble arrive so I can check out the sizes!

I want to do more of these shortly.  Like Finches.  I do like finches.  Maybe 2 different types in one drawing? Any suggestions?  There might be one of fish too.  See how we go!

Rob and I were in Kyneton today!  Was doing some shopping and even managed to urban sketch there too, in two different locations.  No color yet though so I will need to do that soon.  Probably tonight.  I start work on Monday so there might not be as much time to draw and do stuff after hours.  I may be doing my drawings in the morning before work or during lunchtime soon....or before going home.  We shall see.  Commercial jobs do get pretty busy!


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