Violet Humpbacks

I felt like drawing some humpback whales so here they are!  done by me, Marta Tesoro aka Rabbit Town Art

Hi! How is it all going?  I was a little sick in my tummy today so I stayed home.  Rest, caught up on emails, updated my blog and I should finish a new drawing tonight.

I did this drawing almost a couple of weeks ago now.  This is a combination of water colors, copic markers and color pencils.

Apologies I haven't been that regular with my posts lately.  I've been busy and am now working at Studio Moshi on a direct to DVD movie for a Toy company.  More details when am positive I can say something later. It's looking pretty good and I can't wait to start animating too.  Right now am helping out with design. There's a lot of animation work in Melbourne at the moment so there is a of a shortage with people.

I've just been a bit too tired going back to the computer after working on a computer all day and to be honest, just want to draw traditional stuff after work!  I do need to get onto updating some of my sites though.  Trying to keep up is tough!

Do you like the new look of my site?  Let me know!


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