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Lucky Cats 014-018

Hi!  How goes it?  More of my lucky cat collection. This is all that I've drawn up, currently.  I do still have a few more to draw but haven't had the chance yet. I am currently sick.  Yup...still recovering from a fever with cough and cold thrown in.  Am a delightfully diseased snot-filled plague bringer right now....that said, I should be fine after resting for another day tomorrow! What's been happening?  Well, I've animated my first few scenes for this big animation gig I am currently on and I will be freelancing after hours for the same company (and project) doing "stuff" for it, this week and possibly a bit of next week as well, can't say much for the moment, am afraid.  Then I have freelance work for a history book (easy stuff) and I might possibly have a "product design" illustration gig.  We shall see once details are discussed. Caught up with some friends, got a few events this weekend and still keeping up with my Japanes

Lucky Cats 010-013

Hi!  It's been a while, huh?  I haven't been posting much because I've been very busy lately working on a rather large project. It's been great, I've expanded my skill set and I am enjoying the work.  I am not enjoying the early morning wake-up though.  I drew these lucky cats last month.  I haven't drawn the last few that I own, [perhaps in the next few days. Currently, working full-time, finished a freelance e-book job and have another illustration job to do as well.  I am catching up with friends tomorrow night for dinner and staying over a good friend's house.  I'll be meeting her cat too! I have been refreshing my Japanese, using an app on my phone called " memrise ".  I would recommend it. They offer other languages too!  I've been studying on the train, car and before bed.  I sleep in-between all that too.  Now, for some iffy news, I seem to be coming down with something.  I hope it eases up soon! Off to bed, going to stu

Lucky Cats 005-009

Hallo!  More Lucky Cat drawings, all from my collection! The first three are from my mom and the second two I bought on an online store in Japan. I don't have a lot to say today, am a little tired.  It was a good but busy day from work.  Feeling pretty sleepy, perhaps I shall call it an early night!

Lucky Cats 001-004

Hi!  Did everyone have a good Easter?  I spent most of my time sleeping and relaxing.  I haven't really wanted to go on my home computer after work since am staring at a screen all day.  Do I have much to report...?  Not really to be honest.  I am working at an animation studio on a fairly big project and have spent the last few weeks on the design team.  I will be moving onto animation shortly, though my role might be a little bit different than usual...more on that later!  I also finished a piece for an exhibition, just have to mail it now! Hmm....I also have to do quite a bit of freelance this weekend too and not to mention sort out some of my finances since am seeing my accountant on Monday.  Other than that...not much else! I've been drawing my lucky cat collection, in no particular order, so here are the first 4 from my art journal.

Face Studies

Hi, hi!  Here are some quick portraits I did a few weeks back.  Things are super hectic.  I've been really enjoying designing in my current job.  Lots of fun!  We are under the pump though, so it is super busy as well.  Not much else has been happening...yet anyway.  I got some parties this month which I may or may not go to depending on projects, seeing my friend from Canada again tomorrow, saving up for a trip, working on my exhibition piece, needing to work on my e-book job (which has no major deadline but would be nice to get done) and just plodding along!

Figure Drawing practice from photos

Hi!  I drew this some time ago in March for #oneweek100people  needeless to say, I didn't get anywhere near 100. A bit of fun drawing though.  The two above is from @tokyofashion on instagram and it's of @karin_tempurakidz and of @no_s_ke.  I do love quirky Japanese fashion.  Too bad, we're not going to Harajuku in our next trip.  Oh well! This weekend, I submitted roughs for an e-book job, registered and started an exhibition piece, did chores and soon...we will be entertaining guests.  Robs' sister and niece are coming around to see our kitty, Hanzo. I am also hoping to draw up another lucky kitty from my collection and  do a bit more on my exhibition piece.  I still haven't been able to update my Redbubble shop.  So much stuff to do as always!

Face doodle backlog

Hi!  Here are some drawings I did using references from hair magazines.  A bit of fun and pretty quick to do.  I love coloring.  The Zig Clean brush pens are amazing too.  I am looking forward to re-stocking when I go to Japan again.Speaking of Japan, flights and hotels are booked! Yay!  It's a good few months yet but time is flying because there is just so much to do and many events happening as well. A friend of mine from Canada stayed at our place for a night this week and it was so lovely to catch up with him.  He got introduced to my boyfriend, Rob, and our cat hanzo.  Hanzo is a cutie but I wish he'd stop waking me about 3 in the morning wanting pats or to bite my hair.  Silly kitty. I am still drawing lucky cats but haven't posted yesterdays and I need to do one today but it's a bit late...perhaps tomorrow instead!  Got a busy weekend ahead with illustrating, I am freelancing on top of my current animation job and Robs' sister and niece are comin

People sketching

Hi!  I was trying to do a week of #oneweek100people though I knew if I kept doing detailed stuff, there was no way it was going to happen.  Oh well, still,  here are some drawings I did in March! Today was a good day of catching up with friends in the city and drawing.  I drew more lucky cats while everyone else drew each other and food.  I am just inspired to draw my collection at the moment, I suppose. I finished drawing 8-10 today.  There are still more lucky cat figures to draw!  I wonder if I should just do the figurines or include the cloth lucky cats and the plastic battery operated ones?  Well...I'll stick to the figures first and when I run out draw the others?  I prefer ceramic/metal and wood figurines though.  Cloth is quite nice too.  I am looking forward to buying a few lucky cat souvenirs in my next Japan trip.  I bought one and that was for both times I went to Japan in 2015.  I really don't know why I didn't buy more?  I need to find a green one. It

Red Forest Jewel

Red Forest Jewel Cichlids Hallo!  It's been a few days since I last wrote.  Things have been busy!  This is a Red Forest Jewel Cichlid.  I do love drawing fish.  There are bunnies hidden, can you find them all?  Colored with markers and inked with indian ink and a dip pen. What's been happening....I misplaced Rob's passport in 2015 and we spent 3 nights looking for it and we found it in a bag full of old Japanese pamphlets in his study cabinet.  What a relief, I was super duper stress.  I was suppose to put it in a safe box, but since I just recently moved in I made a mistake.  Oh well, all is good now!  I never want that to happen again though.  It was not a pleasant experience.  I was finally paid for a job that I finished ages ago, I picked up another e-book job and I might be booked all of July, shortly after my current contract ends in June.  Then I'll probably be contracted for a series job in August.  Busy, busy!  There's so much stuff happening this