Figure Drawing practice from photos

Hi!  I drew this some time ago in March for #oneweek100people  needeless to say, I didn't get anywhere near 100.

A bit of fun drawing though.  The two above is from @tokyofashion on instagram and it's of @karin_tempurakidz and of @no_s_ke.  I do love quirky Japanese fashion.  Too bad, we're not going to Harajuku in our next trip.  Oh well!

This weekend, I submitted roughs for an e-book job, registered and started an exhibition piece, did chores and soon...we will be entertaining guests.  Robs' sister and niece are coming around to see our kitty, Hanzo. I am also hoping to draw up another lucky kitty from my collection and  do a bit more on my exhibition piece.  I still haven't been able to update my Redbubble shop.  So much stuff to do as always!


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