Lucky Cats 014-018

Hi!  How goes it?  More of my lucky cat collection. This is all that I've drawn up, currently.  I do still have a few more to draw but haven't had the chance yet.

I am currently sick.  Yup...still recovering from a fever with cough and cold thrown in.  Am a delightfully diseased snot-filled plague bringer right now....that said, I should be fine after resting for another day tomorrow!

What's been happening?  Well, I've animated my first few scenes for this big animation gig I am currently on and I will be freelancing after hours for the same company (and project) doing "stuff" for it, this week and possibly a bit of next week as well, can't say much for the moment, am afraid.  Then I have freelance work for a history book (easy stuff) and I might possibly have a "product design" illustration gig.  We shall see once details are discussed.

Caught up with some friends, got a few events this weekend and still keeping up with my Japanese.  Kanji does my head in though!  Really rough to remember the symbols.

What else...mmm...not much really.  Just plodding along as normal!


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