Red Forest Jewel

Red Forest Jewel is a type of Cichlid.  Colored in with markers and inked with indian ink by Marta Tesoro aka Rabbit Town Art
Red Forest Jewel Cichlids
Hallo!  It's been a few days since I last wrote.  Things have been busy! 

This is a Red Forest Jewel Cichlid.  I do love drawing fish.  There are bunnies hidden, can you find them all?  Colored with markers and inked with indian ink and a dip pen.

What's been happening....I misplaced Rob's passport in 2015 and we spent 3 nights looking for it and we found it in a bag full of old Japanese pamphlets in his study cabinet.  What a relief, I was super duper stress.  I was suppose to put it in a safe box, but since I just recently moved in I made a mistake.  Oh well, all is good now!  I never want that to happen again though.  It was not a pleasant experience.  I was finally paid for a job that I finished ages ago, I picked up another e-book job and I might be booked all of July, shortly after my current contract ends in June.  Then I'll probably be contracted for a series job in August.  Busy, busy!  There's so much stuff happening this year.  Rob and I are also sorting flights for a trip we're taking later in the year and I need to sort out our itinerary.  I have also started drawing my lucky cat collection.  I've drawn 7 so far.  I'll post them here in the coming days.  That said, because I haven't been posting regularly, I actually have a backlogged of drawings to put up.  Sorry, some days I just don't want to talk about stuff.

What's on in the next few days: I have to do some work after hours for the e-book job, a friend of mine is visiting from Canada and is staying over for a night this coming week, I have a BBQ tomorrow and studio works.  Lots of it.  I am really enjoying the job.  I've been doing character design and turn-arounds as well as coloring.  It's definitely a lot of fun and I am enjoying myself!  I can't wait to announce the project!  Sadly, until it's released, I can't really say much.


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